Traducción de crosswise en Español:


transversalmente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈkrɔsˌwaɪz/ /ˈkrɒswʌɪz/


  • 1

    en diagonal
    • This substance was composed of strips cut from stalks of the papyrus reed, which were dried, laid across each other crosswise, and glued together to form a somewhat nubby writing surface.
    • Consequently, it's a good idea for each player to gather up cards in their trick pile in groups of five and place them crosswise, so that it's easier to see how many cards are in each pile.
    • The next card is turned up to determine the trump suit, and the remaining stock of nine undealt cards is stacked face-down, crosswise on top of the trump, so that the value of the trump card can still be seen.
    • Arrange leaves on a flat surface and top each leaf with a single tilapia fillet (place fish crosswise on leaf).