Traducción de crouch en Español:


agacharse, v.

Pronunciación /kraʊtʃ/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (person) agacharse
    (person) ponerse en cuclillas
    the cat crouched, ready to pounce el gato se agazapó, listo para saltar
    • the child was crouched in a corner el niño estaba agachado / en cuclillas en un rincón
    • to crouch down agacharse
    • He rose up on one knee, then crouched there, body tight, as if tensing for the pounce.
    • One armed officer wearing a helmet and body armour crouched behind the corner of a house and was aiming his weapon.
    • Kit was still crouching in his position from the last strike and slowly stood to look at her.
    • I crouched down to avoid being knocked over myself and hid my head under my arms.
    • He could see two people huddled under shawls, crouching but unable to get to shelter.
    • Their bodies ached from lying, sitting and crouching all the time.
    • She crouched down, and wrapped her arms around her frail body, covering her face with her hands.
    • His face wore a lopsided grin, and he crouched down near the fire and set to work upon the other shoe.
    • They left from the big smelly station with the road that ran through it, a giant grey monster crouching under North Bridge.
    • I was crouching down on the balcony, with my lens stuck through the gap between the metalwork and the concrete floor.
    • They agonise over every shot, crouching on the green as they plan the putt that could win them that precious round of golf.
    • When I came out she was crouching on the sidewalk playing with a street vendor's puppy.
    • Hoeing weeds will be a welcome break from pruning duties and is much kinder on the back than crouching down to pull them out.
    • Monkeys are the most active in the lake area and can be seen crouching in the trees eating fruit.
    • I saw a man crouching by the front door, approximately two feet from the window.
    • Three children crouched in the shade of the branches, above them a small bag of precious grain hung carefully.
    • She gave me a grubby blanket and crouched down in front of the fire while I huddled and shivered.
    • I had just crouched down to pick it up when everyone naturally decided to surge forward.
    • The wayward child is at the back of the dim cement room, crouched in a corner near the hand basins.
    • Then I wanted to get the whole pond in the shot from a lower angle so I crouched down but was a little bit close.