Traducción de crouton en español:


crutón, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkruˌtɑn/ /kruˈtɑn/ /ˈkruːtɒn/


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    crutón masculino
    picatoste masculino España
    • We had them fried in bacon fat the other night, with some garlic croutons and pancetta piled on top of some soft, green chicory leaves.
    • The garlic soup was creamy and well flavoured, not too heavy or too light, though the croutons (pieces of toast) arrived several minutes late.
    • Garnishing the soup with croutons and/or Parmesan cheese is a must.
    • My choice was served on croutons of bread (most of the starters make innovative use of bread), and lightly grilled, with a pepper sauce.
    • Mexicans also cut dry tortillas into squares, fry them, and use in place of croutons in soup; or cut them into strips and make concoctions reminiscent of pasta dishes.
    • This is a sweet soup and could probably be very nicely garnished with garlic croutons.
    • It's hardly gourmet food, but they make split pea soup with croutons.
    • The strawberries actually had the miraculous perfume of local berries grown in season and little buttery croutons of fried brioche added another interesting crunch.
    • The Caesar salad with herb croutons and Parmesan salad passed the test too.
    • The salad also includes excellent homemade croutons, large pieces of bacon and freshly grated Parmesan cheese.
    • This was followed by a ratatouille cream soup with the most wonderful garlic croutons and a baked strudel with chicken, leek and soya sprouts in two sauces.
    • I ordered a bowl of soup and extra croutons, on the side.
    • Garnish with some croutons - a bit of shaved Parmesan would be delicious, too, as would a few sautéed mushrooms and lardons.
    • My fish soup with langoustines, rouille and croutons proved a delight.
    • Season well and serve with olive oil croutons, and snippings of fresh green herbs.
    • It is studded with rustic croutons that have been crisped to a turn in butter.
    • Basically, they're flavourful baked pieces of bread, that you can use as croutons, or just as a yummy savoury snack.
    • He served salads of dandelion and strips of bacon, or chicory with garlic and croutons.