Translation of crowdfunding in Spanish:


microfinanciación colectiva, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkraʊdˌfəndɪŋ/ /ˈkraʊdfʌndɪŋ/


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    microfinanciación colectiva feminine
    crowdfunding masculine
    • Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding could, in theory, occur without the internet, but "it certainly helps to accelerate the process".
    • It hopes crowdfunding will circumvent these obstacles and create new opportunities.
    • He says crowdfunding relies on "networking, good contacts and a good product".
    • He has observed a pattern in crowdfunding.
    • He is optimistic crowdfunding will provide a successful venture capital model for established businesses.
    • The system I am proposing dispenses with the middlemen and replaces them with crowdfunding from consumers who have very different incentives.
    • Microfinance, crowdfunding, and incubators are worth pursuing, say business owners.
    • They've probably done more to get crowdfunding into the mainstream than anyone.
    • From the looks of your latest post, you are now dabbling in crowdsourcing as well crowdfunding.
    • The arrangement came via an online record label that uses Web-based, social-network-style "crowdfunding" to finance its acts.
    • He is painting a mural in Pike Place Public Market and is using crowdfunding to obtain the funds to complete this colorful project.
    • As crowdfunding has matured from a series of one-off efforts into something reproducible, the money has followed.
    • Crowdfunding is not for everyone.