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crucial, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkruʃəl/ /ˈkruːʃ(ə)l/

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    (moment) crucial
    (moment) decisivo
    (moment) crítico
    (role/issue) crucial
    (role/issue) decisivo
    he took over at a crucial time for the company se hizo cargo de la dirección en un momento crucial / decisivo / crítico para la compañía
    • the next game will be crucial for us el próximo partido es decisivo / es de crucial importancia para nosotros
    • it was crucial to the prosecution era de crucial importancia para la acusación
    • the crucial words are 'not less than two months' la expresión clave es 'no menos de dos meses'
    • the correct ingredients are crucial es importantísimo usar los ingredientes indicados
    • Bad management and bad cost control will be crucial in deciding success or failure.
    • We have reached a crucial stage and now tenants and residents will begin to see real improvements on their estate.
    • His appointment comes at a crucial stage in this long-running drugs war.
    • Ambitious plans to complete a town centre pedestrianisation zone have reached a crucial stage.
    • The committee is asking for continued support as we are at a crucial stage in the campaign.
    • His error was made at a crucial stage in the match but he couldn't deny the funny side.
    • A near doubling of the share values would be a crucial factor in any decision that is made.
    • Williams now faces a crucial decision as to which direction he takes his career.
    • The decision on where to film was crucial to the success of the dramas.
    • This could mean that wrong decisions are made at crucial moments - and these cannot be reversed.
    • The chemistry so crucial to the success of any screen romance is absent.
    • I see the next 18 months as crucial to the long-term development of the game.
    • We do appear to be at a crucial juncture, to say the least.
    • Ultimately, these incidents probably did not prove crucial to the outcome.
    • God knew all logic flew out the window that crucial moment.
    • Coach Gary Moorby was particularly pleased with this crucial factor in the Cougar victory.
    • A crucial factor in the rise was the growing number of women who smoke.
    • There are no elements more important than others, but timing is crucial.
    • Watson believes conceding a goal so early on Tuesday was crucial to the outcome.
    • Certainly, Conroy's interventions were crucial to the outcome of the game.
    • If you want to lose weight, it is crucial to maintain low insulin levels.
    • It is crucial to keep your head covered when running outside in winter.
    • Only 15 percent mentioned domestic policies as being most crucial to them.
    • I make no apologies for this because it is absolutely crucial to the future economic success of the nation.
    • One crucial element of the luxury shopping experience is the service and setting.
    • Once he understands that crucial difference, he should get off to a good start.
    • Participation by trustees is crucial to their understanding of the issues before the board.
    • Since variation was the essence of evolution, it was crucial to understand its nature.
    • All low-carb foods are not created equal, and it's crucial to understand the differences.
    • Improved road links are crucial to developments in Pembroke Dock and the Angle peninsula.
    • Monitoring blood lipids is crucial to ensure that the diet is having the desired effect.
    • Solidarity through donations is crucial to ensure the strike does not fail through lack of money.
    • All the time, it is crucial to remember that we are never alone.
    • Insight, understanding and enjoyment are the keys to making newspapers crucial.
    • Finding species that are unknown to science is crucial to their continued survival, he says.
    • Strategies for effective communication and involvement are crucial at this stage.
    • For, low as this may seem, the most crucial industries had been successfully moved.
    • He was singled out by the judge for stinging criticism, and accused of removing crucial evidence.
    • Everyone was aware that those games weren't crucial, and it was just the group stage.
    • Sesame is great for iron, a crucial mineral for maintaining vital energy levels.