Translation of cruel in Spanish:


cruel, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkru(ə)l/ /ˈkruː(ə)l/

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adjective crueller, cruellest

  • 1

    (person/action/joke) cruel
    (winter) crudo
    (blow) duro
    to be cruel to sb ser cruel con algn
    • What about the people who decided which inmates were to be subjected to these cruel and inhumane conditions?
    • The western community rose up to protest the cruel and inhumane punishment.
    • What other hideous and cruel things could happen in such a world that she lived in?
    • We can reasonably conclude that this is an inhuman and cruel job that should go the way of child chimney-sweeps.
    • Once when he was young and felt that life was too cruel to suffer, he had thought of the freedom of death.
    • In a peculiar way, sport can be very cruel to those who play it at the highest level.
    • He prayed that the war might never be as cruel to them as it had been to him.
    • She finally decided she wanted to join her father and leave the world that had been so cruel to her.
    • "Fate is sometimes cruel, " she replied, her face in his neck, her voice muffled.
    • Fate is cruel to the people in the film.
    • She'd always hated the conventional exercise methods, deeming them unnecessarily cruel.
    • Still, the reality she faces is neither too harsh, nor too cruel.
    • "Football can be cruel at times and the players were disappointed but we'll get over it.
    • The fool had hoped that the world was not as cruel a place as he had suspected.
    • I know how cruel this game can be and I never doubted that everyone would give of his best and that is as much as we can expect.
    • The problem is that people in the West have no clue how cruel the world outside is.
    • There is no point whatsoever in our attempting to make the world a less cruel or more livable place.
    • Opponents have been campaigning for a ban for decades and say the practice is appallingly cruel and unnecessary.
    • Not only are punishments cruel, the legal procedures are positively medieval.
    • The system is very, very cruel and the trick is to not get involved in it.
    • After the death, staff at the home became intolerably cruel to her and made her life a living hell.
    • I basically told her to get out of my life because she was being so unfair and cruel to me.
    • She still felt guilty about how she had been deliberately cruel to him.
    • Although I am never actually intentionally cruel to my parents, there is one little jape I like to have at this time of year.
    • I find it sickening and sad that someone could be so wantonly cruel to their pets.
    • But I could understand his lifelong hatred of a nun who had been cruel to him at school.
    • While a relationship is breaking down, people can be unspeakably cruel to each other.
    • He had been unreasonably cruel to that poor nurse, to all of the nurses in fact!
    • But I can't for the life of me, understand why anyone would wish to be cruel to another living creature.
    • It shocked me that I had been so cruel to her in the beginning and that I was never helpful or nice to her.
    • Why would he be so cruel to say he loved me then laugh about me behind my back?
    • We now know that some families were cruel to children and that many children were abused without anyone stepping in to stop it.
    • The cruel act has shocked animal carers in Swindon, who say they are sickened by the deed.
    • History will judge the actions of your government as cruel and barbaric.
    • A I think it's natural in the human spirit to be loving and kind but clearly humans can easily be incited to be evil and cruel.
    • Some evil, cruel person made a video of it and showed us the next day.
    • I may sound cruel and uncaring by saying this but where should charity start and end?
    • It is telling that his hero is an honest cop, sometimes brutish but never cruel.
    • But there was more to the crime than the wickedness of two cruel women.
    • That isn't to say she's a cruel or uncaring mother, just that she's busy.