Traducción de crump en español:


explosión, n.

Pronunciación /krəmp/ /krʌmp/

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  • 1

    explosión femenino
    • Preparation turned to execution when the explosives were detonated, resulting in a massive grey cloud and the loud crump of the explosion, which could be heard over four kilometres away.
    • Three or four more thunderous crumps echoed out over the surrounding forest.
    • The media representation of this war will be from a distance: shots of the city skyline illuminated by the flashes of bomb blasts, the dull crump of explosions.
    • Another crump sounded, and I was nearly shaken from my seat as the ship abruptly slid sideways, either a munitions dump had just been hit, or fuel.
    • It disintegrated into the wall with a satisfying crump.
    • Watching TV or whatever, you hear the shriek of the tyres losing it, followed by the crump of impacting metal.
    • On Sunday morning, we were woken by the muffled crump of a controlled explosion.
    • There was the dull crump of ignition followed by a fireball of considerable proportion.
    • He heard a car skid and a crump as it hit something.