Translation of crumple in Spanish:


arrugar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkrəmpəl/ /ˈkrʌmp(ə)l/

Definition of arrugar in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    (paper/clothes) arrugar
    (metal) abollar
    she crumpled the sheet of paper into a ball hizo una bola estrujando la hoja de papel
    • to crumple sth up arrugar algo
    • Finn crumpled the paper and threw it into the garbage can five feet away from us.
    • She moves cigarettes in her pack, then crumples the paper and puts it on the shelf with chocolate bars.
    • I always stack the dishes and put the silverware in a glass and crumple the paper and sweep up the errant rice, because I bussed tables for many years.
    • He stood up brusquely, crumpling the paper and tossing it at my face.
    • ‘All right, all right,’ she muttered grumpily, gathering her stuff and crumpling the empty paper bag in one hand.
    • He crumpled the cloth in his hand and read the note again.
    • He stared at the half-written sentence and then crumpled the paper in his hand, tossing it onto the dying fire in the fireplace.
    • I threw the pen down in frustration and crumpled the paper in one swift motion.
    • I crumpled the empty paper bag and tossed it in the garbage next to the fridge.
    • As I shoved it into my bag, I had to be especially careful not to crumple the sheet of paper than had all my science notes on it.
    • The surface is suggestive: imagine crumpling a canvas, smoothing it out and then using the tracery of creases to define areas within the final work.
    • I shook my head vigorously, crumpled the index card, and tossed it into the trash can.
    • He crumpled up the paper in his hands, only to unfold it again.
    • She crumpled up the paper she'd been absently doodling on and threw it into the wastebasket.
    • Taking out her slightly crumpled test paper, she hurried to the living room.
    • He reached into his pack and pulled out two dirty crumpled sheets of paper.
    • Rual answered, crumpling the napkin into a ball.
    • Rue finished off the snickers bar, crumpling the wrapper and sticking it into her bag.
    • I accepted it and crumpled the energy bar wrapper in my other hand.
    • For more insulation, put crumpled newspaper between the freezer cabinet and blankets.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (become creased)
    (fabric/shirt) arrugarse
    • The frame twisted and bent and the car crumpled like cardboard.
    • He had heard leaves crumple under the pressure of feet, yet there were no leaves on the ground.
    • In cases of severe growth inhibition, the wings appeared crumpled with strong structural deformation.
    • As he constructs these hybrid works, he crumples, twists and tears at his canvases, using them more like building materials than works of fine art.
    • So I screwed up the picture as tightly as I could, twisting and folding and crumpling until my hands hurt and no one would see the scene again, especially not me.
    • Four wrecked cars were artfully strewn along the roadway, doors buckled, windshields smashed, engines crumpled.
    • These buildings may have crumpled under the pressure of the quake, but I know for sure that the people will not buckle that easily.
    • Five steps up the dirt path, my trachea crumpled, my vertebrae fused, and the small muscles in my back revolted and spasmed.
    • I was sandwiched between two seats that had crumpled into each other.
    • Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the pages crumpled against the blue tile, but I didn't care.
    • A concrete car park, several apartment buildings and part of a hospital unexpectedly crumpled despite their steel frames.
    • An aide later found it crumpled in the general's shirt pocket.
    • An empty can of beer crumpled underneath my foot as I sat down.
    • How many of them actually got used, I do not know - only that I found mine crumpled in my bag several days later.
    • Life-saving lamp-posts which crumple if hit by a car are being tested in the Ribble Valley to see if they save lives.
    • There were torn posters lying crumpled up on the floor and dirty clothes strewn all around.
    • She looked at the wrinkled shirt, crumpled into a ball, lying on the floor.
    • He clenched his fists tighter and the metal crumpled in his hands like paper.
    • My retinas were crumpled up like a piece of rag, and I could see nothing.
  • 2

    (metal/fuselage) abollarse
    • His comrades had been studying the green leaves with interest but had jumped half a foot into the air when their companion crumpled to the ground.
    • It broke into a thousand tiny pieces, and my mother crumpled to the ground.
    • Tom crumpled to the ground, bleeding heavily from the right side of his face.
    • Then the young man crumpled to the ground, with his eyes opened in shock, and his mouth gaping.
    • Thankfully, she didn't crumple to the ground when he released her.
    • The phone clicked back into place as Jackie crumpled onto the floor, her composure finally breaking.
    • I was expecting Stephen to lash out at her, but he just crumpled down to the floor, a single tear falling down his face.
    • There was a young woman lying crumpled on the floor beside the wall.
    • Erik shook his head in disgust as he looked at his brother crumpled on the floor and looking so pitiful.
    • I just crumpled to the floor in the hall and came round literally feeling like seconds had passed since I took the hit.
    • He eventually left his victim crumpled and unconscious on the ground.
    • He yanked it free and tossed it aside, watching in satisfaction as she slowly crumpled into a heap on the floor.
    • I went into the office to find the offender, and saw a worried woman crumpled in a chair in the corner, wearing a look of weariness and doubt.
    • My dad crumpled like a wet Kleenex, horrified at himself, and slunked away.
    • No longer awash with big-boy bravado, they have crumpled into sobbing heaps.
    • He lay crumpled on a ruined street of a once high class district.
    • Sarah crumpled into a heap of sobs against the door after he left.
    • I inevitably ended up crumpled on the floor after receiving a dodgeball to the kidney.
    • I attacked and found myself either crumpled at his feet or piled in a corner.