Traducción de crunch en español:


mascar, v.

Pronunciación /krən(t)ʃ/ /krʌn(t)ʃ/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (eat noisily)
    (nut/celery/apple) mascar
    (nut/celery/apple) ronchar
    (nut/celery/apple) ronzar
    • Not only is popcorn crunched throughout the film, but people just talk.
    • But, as I crunched the vegetables more, my tongue was dumbfounded by a surprise flavor.
    • ‘You can't,’ the other responded, crunching her popcorn and looking at the scene intently.
    • He's crunching an apple, and regarding me closely.
    • He picked up a handful of loose snow and tossed it towards the remains of the rookery, where Emma lay happily crunching carrots.
    • Next time you pick up a pencil, take time to twirl it in your fingers, tap it against your teeth, crunch the end and wait for inspiration to flow.
    • I save the ice cubes until last, biting and crunching them between my teeth until I can feel the ice splinter and crack.
    • She chewed with her mouth open, crunching her cereal noisily and glaring at Aus.
    • These substantial and curiously ugly animals use their bony foreheads to smash off great lumps of coral before they crunch it up with massive front teeth.
    • Healthy eating does not mean crunching the occasional organic carrot stick with your Friday night vindaloo.
    • After a bit she came wandering in, crunched her way through a bite of breakfast and joined me in the study for the rest of my morning session.
    • We had judged quantities perfectly and settled the bill which came to a more than reasonable £20.90 which also included four popadoms we had crunched our way through while waiting for our starters.
    • Larger titan triggerfish crunched their way through dead coral in search of some sustenance.
    • Gavi is crunching potato chips, enjoying them.
    • Now, under a tree by the side of the yellowed brick road, they were crunching the bones of their supper.
    • The thought of two thousand people crunching celery at the same time horrified me.
  • 2

    (haciendo crujir) aplastar
    to crunch the gears hacer chirriar los cambios
    • to crunch sth up triturar algo

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (eat noisily)
  • 2

    (make grinding sound)
    our footsteps crunched on the snow/gravel nuestros pasos hacían crujir la nieve/grava


  • 1

    crujido masculino
    • He hit the ground with a loud thud and the crunch of pine needles.
    • Everything happened before I even had time to open my mouth and scream - the car hit us in the side doors and there was a crunch and the sound of breaking headlights.
    • The crystals are so flaky you never have to worry about it being a hard crunch when you bite down.
    • We walked slowly down the path, the crunch of the gravel sounding unusually loud.
    • A great crunch of metal sounded from the passage below.
    • There was a loud crunch as the plank split in two down the center, the sharp splinters flying away from the impact point and back towards the man.
    • He spun in a cartwheel and landed on his head, hard, with a crunch.
    • There was a loud crunch and pieces of the wood door flew into the shed.
    • I heard a tiny crunch sound, and I realized that I had hit one of the poles.
    • She felt a hard crunch beneath her foot and wondered dimly if maybe she'd stepped on a pencil.
    • There was a crunch, like the sound of someone biting into an apple.
    • Soon there is no noise but the crunch of our footsteps.
    • I heard the wet, brittle sound of teeth piercing the skin and the crunch and slurp of that first bite that's always so difficult with a hard apple.
    • The sound it made was a combination of a thud and a crunch.
    • From the sound of the sickening crunch that ensued after the blow, I'd broken her nose.
    • The sound that the small bones in your foot make when they break are not so much a crunch as a crack, startlingly loud.
    • The only sound was the lapping of the waves and the occasional crunch as our little motorboat moved against pebbles on the shoreline.
    • I heard the satisfying crunch of fist breaking nose after I felt my fist hit it.
    • Drivers in the queue reported hearing a ‘fierce noise of screeching tyres’ and a frightening crunch as a white lorry ploughed into the bus and rolled it over.
    • Tonight, there is awed silence, with only the crunch of discarded beer cups under foot intruding on the sound of one man and his battered guitar.
  • 2

    (decision/factor/year) (before noun) crucial coloquial
    the crunch la hora de la verdad
    • when it comes to the crunch a la hora de la verdad
    • They spend so much time arguing about ideology that, when it comes to the crunch, decisions on important issues are often deferred.
    • But, after all, developing nations have started facing the crunch situation following the environmental degradation.
    • As to the crunch question - should he stay or should he go?
    • When it came to the crunch though, I chickened out and offered the truth.
    • Though I have been playing this game for more than two years now, I have not been able to judge my ability to perform in crunch situations.
    • The redrawing of constituency boundaries reaches its crunch decision point early this month.
    • The level of hard work and commitment put in over the past few months had come down to the crunch and true to form, both communities lived up to their full potential.
    • After days of talks earlier this month, the crunch teleconference between the heads of agencies had been expected to decide the issue this weekend.
    • At the crunch, it came down to a handful of votes.
    • But surely in taking a position on crunch issues of key importance, the first loyalty of a Member of Parliament should always be to their electorate?
    • This could be the crunch, because it's that important to us.
    • The England scrum-half looked to be out of the crunch game when he injured a hamstring in last Sunday's match against Georgia.
    • The company also now faces the crunch issue that defines all second-hand sales: trust and confidence on the part of the buyer.
    • They failed to pin down the evidence about the crunch meetings.
    • Bar staff were today taking more cash than ever with fans crowding bars for the crunch clash between England and Argentina.
    • This is now a crunch situation, it cannot go on like this any longer.
    • And when it came down to crunch time, he always came through.
    • Everyone is represented, it is superficially democratic but when it comes to crunch time the big players call the shots.
    • For now, a consumer credit crunch is hardly inevitable.
    • The ‘money spigot’ is rapidly closing and many, many companies will not survive the unfolding credit crunch.
    • There is now no doubt that a major credit crunch is unfolding in the syndicated lending area.
    • Traditionally, such a dramatic Credit crunch would have strangled the economy and precipitated a deep recession.
    • However, that reflects the modest recovery, not a credit crunch.
    • Taken to its extreme, this process leads to a credit crunch.
    • Even if the time structure of assets and liabilities match on the firm's balance sheet, a credit crunch is always a real possibility.
    • Bank officials also called on local banks to continue to lend to well-managed businesses to prevent a credit crunch.
    • Now there appears to be a savage credit crunch in the offing, and nobody seems to even notice.
    • The equity markets smell trouble, and fears of a credit crunch have heightened.
    • Right now, there's a real credit crunch going out there for small- and medium-sized businesses.
    • What appears different this time is that we seem to have gone through a business and investment downturn without a credit crunch.
    • Despite the rate cuts in recent months, the market continues to worry about a possible credit crunch, where corporate fund demand cannot be met due to cautious lending by banks.
    • The world's central banks have made clear they are on hand to inject money into the financial system at the slightest sign of any credit crunch.
    • But for many smaller outfits, the slowdown has become a full-blown credit crunch.
    • The funds crunch faced by the government, coupled with rampant corruption has made sure the public health system goes from bad to worse.
    • Many specialty contractors say that the personnel crunch has eased, but has not disappeared.
    • The cash crunch, felt hardest in less metropolitan parts of the country, will surely see to that.
    • Hiding this fact from the American public will make it all the harder to gain their support when the crunch comes.
    • But there are no assurances that your new home state won't pass additional tax legislation if it gets into a budget crunch situation.