Translation of cryogenics in Spanish:


criogenia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkraɪəˈdʒɛnɪks/ /ˌkrʌɪə(ʊ)ˈdʒɛnɪks/


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    criogenia feminine
    criogenética feminine
    • The Munich researchers, wanting to stay in the business but having neither sufficient expertise nor the necessary infrastructure in cryogenics, opted to go into laser interferometry.
    • The construction implies an important technological fallout in the field of cryogenics and superconducting magnets.
    • The group has realized large gains in cryogenics, gyroscope construction, and superconductor research.
    • She's staying with me while she finishes her biochemical engineering thesis on cryogenics.
    • Implications from such discoveries for effective cryogenics, or the possibility of being able to freeze people for long periods of space travel in the distant future, are nothing short of mind-boggling.
    • Practical cryogenics however, is a monumental engineering task and pressurization is bulky, inefficient and potentially dangerous.
    • The manufacture of a SADA II requires a demanding assortment of technologies - dealing with exotic materials, microelectronics, high vacuum, structure, and cryogenics.
    • In the permanently shadowed areas astronomical instruments could be operated with telescopic optics kept cold and stable using cryogenics.
    • If any metal complexation route to produce ethylene is ever going to succeed commercially, olefin separation needs to compare favourably with cryogenics.
    • Jones reasoned that instant freezing by cryogenics would lock in more of ice cream's flavor and freshness.
    • He is the author of several technical publications in the field of cryogenics and the SMEX missions.
    • Many uses for magnetic fields have been suggested but laid aside because of the high cost of cryogenics.
    • The freezing and thawing process, known as cryogenics, appears to cause no damage.
    • I had done the latter several years earlier in a cryogenics lab, and remembered the physics behind how it worked.