Translation of cryptogram in Spanish:


criptograma, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɪptəˌɡræm/ /ˈkrɪptə(ʊ)ɡram/


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    criptograma masculine
    • Others look at security as a kind of puzzle, like the cryptograms on the comics page of the newspaper, only with more at stake.
    • Melvin Way makes cryptograms in which he embeds formulas and diagrams intricately woven from letters, words, phrases, numbers, and designs.
    • In a book like this, one would expect to discover some allegorical message or a hidden cryptogram.
    • In any case, puzzle fanatics will enjoy the many riddles, illusions, cryptograms and other mind-benders offered for analysis.
    • Will solving crossword puzzles prevent my intellectual decline or decoding cryptograms do the same for my wife?
    • These puzzles come in two flavors: puzzles where you must put things back together (like torn up pictures) and puzzles where you must solve cryptograms (that is, decode messages).
    • As one who grew up with a love for cryptograms, Encyclopedia Brown, logic puzzles and adventure games, I felt let down by the book; it could have offered me so much more than it did.
    • When my brother and I were at camp, he sent us cryptograms.
    • This cryptogram is typical of the allusiveness of the poem, part of which is now impenetrable.
    • There are cryptograms - on that level it's almost espionage poetry, but there's also the straightforward word play that seems to come out of early childhood - often mixed in a rhizomic way with complex espionage techniques.
    • Now at the University of Illinois at Chicago, he solved the first of Tyler's cryptograms, which consisted of a long string of various typographic symbols.
    • He assumed that the symbols in the cryptogram were properly broken up into English words and proceeded from there, eventually using a computer to check for patterns and sort through various possibilities.
    • The games include crosswords, hangman and cryptogram.