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criptografía, n.

Pronunciación /krɪpˈtɑɡrəfi/ /krɪpˈtɒɡrəfi/

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    criptografía femenino
    • Mathematical cryptography, as bad as it sometimes is, is the strongest link in most security chains.
    • There are claims about breakthrough technology and totally new cryptography and the like.
    • A new kind of cryptography based on quantum physics is now ready for serious consideration.
    • I think there are possibilities for other types of technology involving cryptography.
    • In contrast to methods based on codes, the keys formed by quantum cryptography can, in principle, be completely uncrackable.
    • There is little doubt that trying to break simple codes enhances one's understanding of cryptography.
    • Would you trust a cryptographer who didn't know the difference between symmetric and public-key cryptography?
    • I have a long-standing interest in issues of cryptography - particularly as it relates to privacy laws.
    • The use of cryptography and encryption systems also help to address security concerns of the Internet.
    • With no taste for combat, he had wondered if he might find a niche in cryptography.
    • Personal cryptography technology was for years classified as a munition by the US government, and could not be exported.
    • Thanks to cryptography, our government officials have the most secure communications in the world.
    • Her research interests are cryptography, security protocols and distributed security.
    • Encryption is the process of using cryptography to protect information.
    • Remote attestation uses cryptography to manage and assure the configuration of network systems.
    • Symmetric key cryptography is used to provide data confidentiality and data authentication.
    • We know more about cryptography, and have more algorithms to choose among.
    • Primes have uses in hashing algorithms and cryptography, among other things.
    • He made major contributions to cryptography and developed a general theory.
    • Learn the basics of network security, including cryptography, security policies, and secure network design.