Translation of cub in Spanish:


cachorro, n.

Pronunciation /kəb/ /kʌb/

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  • 1

    (young animal)
    cachorro masculine
    • Young tiger and lion cubs are passed amongst large groups of people so they can have a ‘cute’ photo taken with a fluffy animal.
    • How does a female tiger protect her young cubs amid the sometimes violent attentions of three male suitors?
    • Over the years, some 400 pets have called the White House home, ranging from bear cubs, snakes, and a hyena, to cats and cows.
    • Since cheetahs have small jaws and a light build, a mother cannot defend her cubs or kills against lions and hyenas.
    • The camera passed with flying colors, enduring feeding frenzies and the nibbles of lion cubs.
    • A 500-millimeter lens enabled him to photograph a mother polar bear and her two cubs from a reasonably safe distance.
    • Lion cubs, if left alone, can be vulnerable to other large predators.
    • When very young, the cubs cry when afraid and hum when contented.
    • Beginning in 1996, a dozen bear cubs orphaned by hunters were released in the reserve.
    • The young bear's cub sat near its mother nuzzling her.
    • Move ahead and one can see lion and tiger cubs playing together.
    • Over the summer, which is December to February in the southern hemisphere, the fox cubs become independent and establish their own territories.
    • Predators such as cougars, wolves, and adult male bears, even a cub's own father, are threats, especially to cubs that are separated from their mothers.
    • Another of the most popular attractions at the park is a petting zoo which lets the public get close to a pair of lion cubs and a four-week-old giraffe calf.
    • However, if the adult lion does not pay full attention, the wild dog might eat the lion cubs behind his back without mercy.
    • The cameras also follow the antics of spectacled bear cubs the only bears to inhabit South America.
    • In a project begun a little over a year ago, he sterilizes pride males that have sired around 20 cubs.
    • At the moment the Zoo has six eight-month-old lion cubs in a large enclosure, all looking very alert and handsome at 9 o'clock at night.
    • The Daily Dispatch switchboard was almost jammed yesterday as readers called to suggest their names for three lion cubs at the East London Zoo.
    • When a male lion kills cubs, it does it for a valid a reason - the survival of the pride.
  • 2British dated

    (young person)
    jovenzuelo masculine
    jovenzuela feminine
    • There were three of us at infant school, cubs who were always playing together - Mark, Chris and me.
    • It is veteran versus tyro, wily old fox against bristling young cub, a man who has done it all against a boy who threatens to do it all.
    • Five cubs - most of the small village's complement of kids - were standing half-hidden beside the tent, staring at me.
    • It was nice spending time with Bill, Shannon, and their four cubs.
    • The young cubs have started a project called CalTV.
  • 3

    Cub (Scout) lobato
    • he's in the Cub Scouts or (British also) Cubs pertenece a los lobatos
    • Cub master jefe de lobatos