Traducción de cub reporter en español:

cub reporter

periodista novato, n.


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    periodista novato masculino
    periodista novata femenino
    • Born in the Bronx, Pressman worked as a cub reporter for a local newspaper through his high school years.
    • She left school at 16, worked briefly as a cub reporter on a local newspaper, then moved to London, travelling widely in Europe and South Africa before embarking on a working life in publishing.
    • My income dropped substantially, though, when I joined the local newspaper as a cub reporter.
    • This was a time when Stewart was a cub reporter on his local newspaper in Mirfield, Yorkshire.
    • Recall the famous Star writing style guide that influenced a young cub reporter, Ernest Hemingway.
    • Published weeks before the two editors jumped ship, a titanic confession in the Times explained how a cub reporter conned the smartest editors in the business.
    • She started out as a cub reporter in Stratford-on-Avon and worked through the ranks at two newspapers - on news, sports and subs desks - and has completed freelance articles for national newspapers and magazines.
    • After his father's death, young Sam enrolled in the college and seminary of hard knocks, first as a printer's apprentice and then as a cub reporter for his brother's newspaper.
    • Spears called back and told Veronica to ask any question she wanted, but the fledgling cub reporter lost her chance to break the earth-shattering news of Britney's pregnancy.
    • A cub reporter could not contain himself and he asked the Speaker outside whether the Speaker had equalled or bettered the record of the former Speaker in adjourning the august House for the same reason and agenda.
    • My father suggested I come and work in the office and he paid me more than a cub reporter would have got, so I just stayed.
    • She completed a BA in psychology at Concordia, but found herself drawn to broadcasting, beginning as a cub reporter on local radio.
    • Kennedy has been chasing stories for over 30 years, since she first secured a cub reporter's job in the Kilkenny office of the Munster Express, the Waterford local paper.
    • I was a cub reporter at the London magazine Time Out when I covered the campaign.
    • He had come to the studios from watching the Nigeria game in his room at the luxury Mandarin Oriental Hotel, off Hyde Park, armed with two sheets of scrawled notes, as eager as a cub reporter on his first assignment.
    • In 1975, Randy Shilts, then a cub reporter for The Advocate, wrote about the inception of gay professional organizations.
    • As a cub reporter, he was there with his microphone in 1954 as the USSR Commissar's tried to force the wife of defector Vladimir Petrov to return to Moscow.
    • When I was 19, I tried to go back to my local weekly, the Aegis, in Harford County, Maryland, for a second summer as a cub reporter.
    • In 1967 an unknown cub reporter and a local baker were thrust into the national spotlight when one of the UK's worst air disasters hit Stockport.
    • I mean, I was a cub reporter back then, and Dominick and I sat together in the courtroom, and every day was just another drama.