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chiribitil, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkəbiˌhoʊl/ /ˈkʌbɪhəʊl/

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  • 1

    (for storage)
    chiribitil masculino
    • The bungalow was tiny, consisting of one bedroom, a living room, bathroom, a small cubbyhole where the kitchen crockery and utensils were kept, and an airy verandah which went round two sides of the building.
    • Sure enough, the General's parrot sat on its perch in the corner of the cramped cubbyhole that was his room.
    • Outdoor play space also should include cubbyholes or spaces that can serve as role-game features.
    • Ivy found herself in a miserable cubbyhole disguised as a room that she suddenly realized she would be sharing with that monster who had the audacity to think himself her husband.
    • He had a cubbyhole of a room in the very top of the Library of Congress, and stacks and stacks of records all around.
    • When she had mentioned a games room before I had imagined a snug cubbyhole where several men would be sat around a baize table playing cards and smoking cigars.
    • It's fairly small for its type with only a single row of cubbyholes across the back.
    • You're cooped up all day with dozens of other reporters in a space that is about the size of your average suburban house - briefing room upstairs, a warren of cubbyholes and desks in the basement downstairs.
    • Preparations to depart took a long time, so I unpacked and stowed my belongings in the many drawers, cabinets and cubbyholes in the cabin, took a shower to rinse off the sweat, then settled in to read a book.
    • Familiar bends and twists in the hallway lead her past cubbyholes and labs of other researchers.
    • Your own private retreat can be as simple as an attic cubbyhole or as sophisticated as a daybed.
    • One of these places was my cubbyhole near the kitchens.
    • The cabin is well-planned and has generous storage spaces, with two deep cubbyholes either side of the central console, plus a double-lidded glove box.
    • The centre console is more modern, the dash more interesting and the car retains the myriad cubbyholes and storage areas that have made it such a practical vehicle in the past.
    • Inside, there are lots of cubbyholes and larger storage areas, and the fascia controls for heating, audio system and security are nice and large.
    • The workstation and its cubbyholes are meticulously planned with no wasted space.
    • It fits neatly into the cubbyhole next to my bed - my measurements must have been spot on when I checked the cubbyhole for size, because when I got the TV home, it literally could not be a millimetre taller or else it wouldn't have done.
    • He looked in all the rooms, searching for a cubbyhole that would hold a bed.
    • Many rooms have recessed cubbyhole walls, or even closets which you might like to open up, for exposed shelving.
    • He opened the connecting door between his cabin and Gregor's cubbyhole.
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    (small room)
    chiribitil masculino
    cuchitril masculino despectivo