Translation of culprit in Spanish:


culpable, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkəlprət/ /ˈkəlˌprɪt/ /ˈkʌlprɪt/

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    culpable masculine, feminine
    Law inculpado masculine
    Law inculpada feminine
    • The culprits behaved like seasoned thugs but claimed that they were guardians of law and order.
    • Police and all concerned parties are working together to bring the culprit or culprits to justice.
    • He alerted a police patrol at the top of the road and officers quickly arrived, by which time the culprits had fled.
    • Apparently, as a manager, it was his responsibility to chase down the offending culprit and resolve the situation.
    • We have a cop who falls in love with a possible culprit in a murder mystery.
    • He said staff members were the main culprits in the theft of medicines from the public health centres.
    • In eight percent of the cases, the culprits plundered the victim's bank accounts.
    • I have never heard any of the culprits being charged with any ‘crime’ whatsoever.
    • It is only with the help of local people that police can crack down on the crime spree, catch the culprits and bring them to justice.
    • The car is returned and the real culprits are identified.
    • They caught the real culprit so here I am.
    • The invaders are the real culprits in all cases.
    • But it is not enough to identify likely culprits.
    • Frowning, I glanced around the room trying to find the culprit responsible for interrupting my reading.
    • I don't recall the culprit ever been caught.
    • Police say they are doing all they can to bring the culprits to justice.
    • A swift and thorough investigation must be launched to bring the culprits to justice.
    • Despite numerous red herrings, there's no way to logically deduce the culprit's identity.
    • The culprits fled the scene by car, abandoning the stolen tractor at the scene.
    • A shot was discharged and the culprit fled the scene.