Traducción de cult hero en español:

cult hero

figura de culto, n.


  • 1

    figura de culto femenino
    ídolo masculino
    • The victory elevated McGowan to a cult hero within the company.
    • The character, voiced by Frank Oz, trained Luke Skywalker to defeat Darth Vader and is a cult hero among devotees.
    • A real cult hero, he scored both goals as Leicester won last season's Worthington Cup.
    • The Ramones were cult heroes until they called a halt in 1996, but they never really hit it as big as their imitators.
    • This self-taught artist has become a popular cult hero, adored by the public if not always by the critics.
    • The artists behind gig posters are revered cult heroes.
    • Having made the leap from underground cult heroes to Gold-selling record-sellers in the space of one album, the Welsh rockers get a little bit darker with their second long-player.
    • His incongruous style has made him a cult hero in Barcelona.
    • In the US he is an unlikely cult hero as he writes a popular underground comic book based on his humdrum life.
    • If he doesn't wake up and work on his flaws, he'll end up an out-of-control cult hero and little more.
    • Playing that style has helped make him a cult hero for a relatively anonymous team in Nashville, just like he's been everywhere else he's played.