Translation of cum in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kʊm/ /kəm/ /kʌm/


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    a study-cum-library un estudio-biblioteca
    • my secretary-cum-assistant mi secretaria y ayudante a la vez
    • Initially, he worked as a shepherd, but these days the 64-year-old earns his keep as a school handyman cum lollipop man.
    • This is a smart move, because otherwise the whole thing would be so creaky and old-fashioned that only the most determined Christie fan cum couch potato would watch it.
    • The same applies to his long-running Korean-war vet cum knight errant.
    • The film veers away from the teacher's acute grief and becomes plot-driven - an escape drama cum love story.
    • This unusual but charming book is a travel guide - cum - recipe book exploring the people and palate of the Italian capital where the author grew up.
    • There will be a minimum of ten overhead apartments, a restaurant, a licensed premises cum nightclub, and many other facilities.
    • It is understood that it plans to provide a first floor coffee shop cum restaurant and to open a retail outlet on the ground floor.
    • The result was an anguished 1,500-word confession cum apologia.
    • The young winger cum full-back has suffered a serious recurrence of a knee injury and a specialist has said he needs to undergo full knee reconstruction.
    • In the last six months, his property - a business premises cum residence - has been broken into three times.
    • They were more than happy to be involved in the process of selecting the new crop of anchors cum reporters and in training them.
    • Kilcullen had, in the 1980's, acquired a new community centre cum sports hall.
    • Having the two chefs cum waiters serving there is no need for her or anyone else to run around making sure everyone is being looked after.
    • The pillar bases in these photographs belong to a stupa - cum - monastery complex.
    • Have you wondered what the advantage of a rock star cum blogger is?
    • He is a political science academic cum activist who regularly contributes to the media and think tanks.
    • There is also a separate bathroom and a large kitchen cum living room.
    • I imagined the interior of my brain as a stuffed, antiquated file room cum library.
    • We ended up in this nightclub cum bowling alley - bizarre little place.
    • It is a peek inside a highly personal diary cum living photo album.