Translation of cumbersome in Spanish:


pesado y torpe, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkəmbərsəm/ /ˈkʌmbəs(ə)m/


  • 1

    (movements/gait) pesado y torpe
    the box was cumbersome to carry la caja era voluminosa e incómoda de llevar
    • that's a very cumbersome way of expressing it esa es una manera muy torpe de expresarlo
    • cumbersome rules and regulations engorrosas normas y reglamentos
    • This was still a very slow and cumbersome way to communicate, and it had its own frustrations.
    • But Franklin wanted to make the process less cumbersome.
    • If a task manager is too cumbersome to use, you won't bother with it.
    • The modular fighting system could make this deployment process even more cumbersome.
    • Now, tax saving is set to become a less cumbersome process.
    • The process may be somewhat cumbersome, but it could avoid problems down the road.
    • There is a plethora of solutions that companies can purchase, but sometimes they can be rather cumbersome to implement.
    • And many people find it cumbersome to stop their routine to take their pulse.
    • Special tables had been set up for employees to deal with this cumbersome procedure.
    • Quite a lot of accused pay up rather than go through the cumbersome appeal procedure.
    • Now you need to go through a cumbersome registration procedure to get to the column.
    • "Some people might find the new system cumbersome and not bother registering to vote, " he said.
    • The complexities of having eight different airlines with different working cultures must surely prove cumbersome.
    • While still helpful, the 1998 amendment proved cumbersome in its administration.
    • She said the system was extremely cumbersome and that this had given some people cutting corners and operating illegally.
    • The command economy relied upon a vast and cumbersome bureaucracy in which there were few incentives for efficiency and innovation.
    • Further, the system of citation seems needlessly cumbersome.
    • This type of action is none the less procedurally cumbersome and substantively difficult to apply, and is rarely used.
    • Voters can only wait and see if they elected a capable team to carry out these cumbersome tasks.
    • We end up with legislation that is cumbersome and fraught with difficulty.