Translation of cupola in Spanish:


cúpula, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkjupələ/ /ˈkjuːpələ/


  • 1

    cúpula feminine
    (small) cupulino masculine
    • The scaffolding reaches to the top of the cupola that adorns the roof giving the builders a perch almost 100 feet up.
    • The large building is built in the traditional style with barrel vaulted ceilings and cupolas.
    • It has arcades all around, a pavilion at the eastern end has crenellated roof and a cupola of glass mosaic.
    • An interior staircase is topped by a cupola with skylights.
    • At times, the flourish over the city of towers and spires, domes, cupolas and pinnacles has an insubstantial visionary quality, seeming detached from the sturdy fabric beneath.
    • The pedestrian approach is softened by brick pavers laid in a radial design reinforcing the centerline of the building and the cupola on the roof.
    • On one project, the heliodon helped the architects size the overhang on a cupola and observe the effects of clerestory windows on the spaces below.
    • And the weathervane-topped cupola's operable windows draw cooling breezes through the interior of the house.
    • When daylight came, already the roof of the dome, with its cupola and lantern, had fallen in, its timbers burning fiercely.
    • In the morning from my twelfth-floor hotel room I watch the burning sun come up out of an early mist, lighting the cupolas and copper domes of New Delhi's neo-classical buildings with fire.
    • Vents in the facade, the cupolas, and the oculi inside allowed air to circulate throughout the building.
    • Most manufacturers make their cupolas with copper-cladded roof structures, which are beautiful and blend with virtually any type of roofing.
    • It was completed 160 years later in Renaissance style with rendered brickwork and a copper-covered cupola.
    • The upward pull of a starry cupola or the mesmerizing allure of a sun-drenched atrium are some obvious examples.
    • Inside, the leaks were stopped, the floors retiled, and the beautiful stained glass was cleaned and outside you can now look up to fine white verandahs and pretty cupolas.
    • From the age-old cupolas and minarets, vibrant markets to skyscraping buildings and pulsating nightlife, Cairo has it all.
    • An octagonal cupola, along with much of the original material, required extensive reconstruction.
    • The cupola and the concrete construction were corroded, the masonry was wet, and plaster work was peeling off.
    • He would say, ' No, enlarge that tower, and let's put two cupolas on top '.
    • White walls and the golden cupolas of the churches can be seen clearly against the screen of the blue sky.
  • 2

    linterna feminine
    • Atop the all-welded turret are the commander's cupola (with single hatch cover) on the left and the loader's hatch on the right.
    • Firing ports are provided for the crews' personal weapons and a machine-gun mounting is fitted on the left turret cupola with an optional machine-gun.
    • As he watched, a hatch motored open on the forward gunner's cupola and a helmeted visage favored him with a toothy, wolfish grin.
    • The vehicle is protected with an armoured superstructure and fitted with an armoured observation cupola.
    • The commander's cupola in the centre of the vehicle is equipped with five periscopic sights which give 360° vision.
    • The driver has three episcopic sights and the commander's observation cupola has five episcopes.
    • Down on the ground he remains at his station within the commander's cupola of his personnel carrier.
    • One of our weapons was the .50 caliber machine gun mounted in an armored cupola atop the turret.
    • The commander sat in the turret cupola, looking awfully smug.
    • The crew consists of the driver plus four or three operators in the cupola, a commander, a gun layer and an ammunition loader.
    • He was still on alert in his commander's cupola, in his vehicle.
    • The loader has a machine gun, mounted on the cupola.
    • The cupola can also be fitted with panoramic stabilised sight.
    • A 7.62-mm machine gun is located on the commander's cupola.