Translation of curious in Spanish:


curioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkjʊriəs/ /ˈkjʊərɪəs/

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  • 1

    to be curious to + inf tener curiosidad por + inf
    why do you ask? — oh, I'm just curious ¿por qué lo preguntas? — solo por curiosidad
    • I would be curious to know what presumption others think is the most reasonable.
    • Besides, I was curious to know how I'd react to a complete and prolonged break from both the Internet and from writing.
    • Having no expertise in either, I would be curious to know answers.
    • Are you curious to know what they've been up to for the last 23 years?
    • I'm curious to know what others think about the current pop culture depiction of human machines.
    • One is always curious to know what's in the mind of the youngsters who are just out of school but still thinking of a career in law.
    • A lot of us are curious to know exactly what the navy has been told to do.
    • I have never heard of a concept like this before, and am curious to know more.
    • You come curious to know if he is another young manager on a hot streak or if he has more than that.
    • A majority of the participants were curious to know as to what prompted him to accept the role.
    • She closed the door behind him and watched, curious to know who would do this.
    • The gentlemen will be green with envy, and wildly curious to know where I have found you from.
    • Seeing her eyes unwavering, he was curious to know what had brought such a change in her attitude.
    • I wondered if there was a history behind all this and was very curious to know what happened.
    • Half of me scoffed at the contrivance - the other half was curious to know more.
    • Your editorial today is the best I have read so far, and I will be curious to know what kind of response you get to it.
    • I was curious to know what had made him who he was and why everything seemed far beneath him.
    • At any rate, I'm intrigued and am curious if my intrigue is justified.
    • The book makes for enjoyable reading not just for children, but for the inquisitive and curious adult as well.
    • What would he have made of it, this endlessly questing, insatiably curious man of the steppes?
    • You stare, catching curious glances, searching for recognition, but they're calm as cows.
    • No doubt they had to answer many questions from very curious and interested pupils.
    • So 700 curious faces stared me down from head to toe as I walked up to the podium.
    • Both ignored the curious stares thrown their way as they rushed towards their science class.
    • Her big blue, curious eyes stared over the other side, wondering what the new day would bring.
    • She didn't realise she was holding his hand for so long, and that people were beginning to give them curious stares.
    • She couldn't help but notice the curious stares she received from the people around her.
    • Her bright blue eyes were curious and she stared at Sara with something similar to jealousy.
    • He tossed the little towel to a little basket and looked at the girl that was staring at him with curious eyes.
    • Emerging into daylight, they are the subject of curious stares from passers-by.
    • Together we were drawing some very curious stares from the locals at the restaurant.
    • Michael kept staring at me a curious look in his eyes as to what my response was to all this information.
    • When she finally came out from hiding, she met the stares of three very curious people.
    • When she opened her eyes again, she felt the curious stare of the girl next to her.
    • I suddenly felt their curious stares burn into the back of my head.
    • I stumbled after him, highly aware of the curious stares we were receiving.
    • Passersby stared at her with curious expressions, wondering what was the matter.
    • Many Bangaloreans who have seen her on the programme stop her on the streets and make curious enquiries.
    • I suspect I'll be treated as mildly eccentric and get a few curious questions from people I know who may have read the article.
    • Her face was the epitome of stoicism, though her eyes were curious and bright with interest.
  • 2

    it's curious the way / it's curious how we always think alike es curioso como siempre pensamos de modo parecido
    • The haircut is merely the latest stage in his curious and unusual battle to avoid overexposure.
    • Relative strangers offer up curious nuggets of information, like cinder toffee.
    • The best illustration of this strange reversal is the curious fate of the Downing Street memo.
    • I love stony beaches the best, and love searching amongst the pebbles for those of a curious shape or an unusual colour.
    • The next morning, I tiptoed up to the tank, only to discover a strange and curious sight.
    • However, we have to note something strange and curious about film canons.
    • Even if we were not plagued by these curious and unusual defects of English, Paul would still be hard to understand.
    • It was the most curious sensation to know she was about to die, and not care.
    • She felt nothing at all but a curious tingling sensation in the left side of her face.
    • The voice is Kelly's throughout, down to the lack of punctuation, eccentric spellings and curious syntax.
    • Continue to look at them and their placid, inoffensive appearance draws you in with a curious and unexpected power.
    • Talk of the election at work yesterday ranged from the curious to the bizarre.
    • It was a curious remark to make for one who dreamed of emulating Alexander the Great.
    • If this hypothesis should be mistaken, there still remains a curious mystery here.
    • One curious anomaly is electric pitch trim mounted on the panel rather than the yoke.
    • This is just one of an extraordinary sequence of curious encounters between orcas and divers in the waters off New Zealand.
    • Another curious difference is that tartrate levels are very high in grape flowers.
    • I find it curious that if I am overwhelmed by emotion, I stumble over words in English.
    • This made for a curious arrangement over which the Celtic boss was criticised.
    • A curious night then followed in which several strange synchronicities happened.