Traducción de curiously en español:


con curiosidad, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈkjʊriəsli/ /ˈkjʊərɪəsli/

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  • 1

    (with curiosity)
    con curiosidad
    • I peered curiously out the window, wondering who on earth would knock on my door.
    • What's his real name?" I inquired curiously.
    • They linger, gazing curiously at the portraits and asking questions.
    • "How's that going?" Leonard asked curiously, his voice tainted with bitterness.
    • "Girlfriend?" I asked curiously, perhaps a little too worriedly.
    • She studied it scientifically, then calmly wrenched off the lid and stared curiously at the thick red liquid inside.
    • The wizard said nothing, merely looked curiously at him.
    • My sister curiously inquired a few hours later why Mom was locked up in her room, crying, but I wouldn't tell her.
    • A trio of cats gazed up at her, curiously eyeing her approach with heads tilted one way or another.
    • Curiously, she looked at the card, and saw a name that was not familiar to her.
  • 2

    curiously enough, we got on very well curiosamente / aunque parezca mentira, nos llevamos muy bien
    • The single burned match has a curiously forlorn feeling.
    • The stone cages have a curiously sensual, primeval quality, like the ancient dry stone walls in fields.
    • Curiously, for a building of such importance, the parliamentary campus has a limited presence on the Royal Mile.
    • Curiously, in a region of perpetual sunshine, the developers have made no push toward exploitation of solar energy.
    • There has been precious little international protest about all this; UNESCO remains curiously quiet.
    • Curiously, the only creatures that are clearly confined in a cage are humans.
    • The same pink ribbon is twisted around and through the hair, framing Venus's curiously masklike face.
    • They are completely charmed by his innocence, yet contact with the child curiously produces havoc.
    • Curiously, there is no internal stair.
    • And curiously, it's the cold which helps the process of waking up for Spring.