Traducción de curriculum vitae en español:

curriculum vitae

currículum (vitae), n.

Pronunciación /kəˌrɪk(j)ələm ˈviˌtaɪ/ /kʌˈrɪkjʊləm ˈviːtʌɪ/

nombreplural curricula vitae

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    currículum (vitae) masculino
    historial personal masculino
    hoja de vida femenino Colombia
    • To nominate someone, send an abbreviated curriculum vitae, a nomination letter and three letters of support on why the candidate should be considered.
    • To apply, send a current curriculum vitae and a letter addressing the nominee's relevant accomplishments to Division Services Office.
    • Letters of application should include a concise curriculum vitae and a brief outline of current and proposed research.
    • A low barrier, for example, may be a compulsory registration and/or the filling a brief curriculum vitae.
    • Without the curriculum vitae and qualification papers, do not expect to get your foot over any employer's doorway.
    • Bring copies of all qualifications and your curriculum vitae - translated if necessary.
    • Nomination materials should include a statement of qualifications and relevant experience, a current curriculum vitae and a letter of interest.
    • Department chairs select likely candidates from a local list, reviewing their curricula vitae and perhaps their past student evaluations.
    • Please find enclosed my curriculum vitae which provides a more detailed listing of my background and qualifications.
    • Brief laudatory video clips were shown on the screen behind the stage, the voiceover intoning brief biographies of the two officials and their curriculum vitae.
    • Applications must not exceed eight pages, not including the curriculum vitae and recommendation letters.
    • I was told that it had sent out a first wave of its own medical staff but that it would need a second later on, and after a brief discussion someone took my details and asked for my curriculum vitae.
    • His curriculum vitae includes reference to prizes in mathematics and chemistry, as well as in physics, a testament to the broad scope of his scientific interests and his high attainment in science in the widest sense.
    • My libertarian curriculum vitae are as follows.
    • He said: ‘Volunteers improve their range of skills which can be added to their curriculum vitae.’
    • Beyond your curriculum vitae, this should include: diplomas, certificates, a list of references, letters of reference, work samples.
    • A current curriculum vitae must be submitted together with any relevant information which will enable the adjudicators to come to a informed decision.
    • If you look at my curriculum vitae you'll see that's not true.
    • Consider, by way of illustration, the curriculum vitae in academic life.
    • His curriculum vitae certainly made interesting reading.