Traducción de curt en español:


cortante, adj.

Pronunciación /kərt/ /kəːt/

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    she was very curt with me on the telephone estuvo muy cortante conmigo por teléfono
    • I'd noticed that in a few short hours that his curt and snappish side was back.
    • He opened his mouth for a sharp reply but closed it and just gave her a curt nod.
    • About ten minutes ago, I was rather curt (almost rude, in fact) to an acquaintance who rang me.
    • People will instead use acronyms to convey short, curt, and informative message to one another.
    • Sitting down at an almost empty table, the two new arrivals exchange curt nods with those closest to them.
    • Fred could see the compliment was sincere in her expressive eyes and gave a curt nod then started down the stairs.
    • Mr. Shay gave a curt nod, placing his hat back onto his head.
    • I give a curt nod to Daddy, whirl around in place, and walk briskly to the pod.
    • He saluted members of the staff with curt nods of his head but didn't stop.
    • Then with a curt nod he left the table, making his way straight to the bar.
    • With a curt nod, Rowan and his tribe vanished into the trees, hooves muffled by the underbrush.
    • Nathan looked annoyed for a second but agreed with a curt nod of the head.
    • She walked stiffly towards the group that was waiting for them and gave Dr. Wordsworth a curt nod.
    • With a curt nod the seaman turned away and hopped out of the boat.
    • She continued her promenade down the hallway, greeting those that she knew with a smile and a curt nod.
    • He thought about what he said, gave a curt nod as if to reassure himself, and ushered them into the next room.
    • She nods a curt reply as she is deeply engrossed in letting the sun's rays bathe her pale, freckly body.
    • She jerked her head at me in a curt nod and remained looking stony.
    • Taila nodded a curt reply to my apology and went back to folding her clothes and putting them into the drawer.
    • Jasmine's only response to this was a curt nod as a young woman walked towards them from the back of the house.