Translation of curvaceous in Spanish:


curvilíneo, adj.

Pronunciation /kərˈveɪʃəs/ /kəːˈveɪʃəs/

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    • Mexico exports Damiana Liquor, which is quite scrumptious and packaged in a bottle shaped like a curvaceous Goddess.
    • He was tall, blond, handsome and muscular and his wife was curvaceous and very sexy.
    • In the far corner of the room, seated at the bar, was her wizard, speaking with a young curvaceous woman with long violet hair.
    • Her deep brown hair and eyes highlight her faintly tanned complexion, and her curvaceous figure is poured into a dark bronze velvet gown.
    • Tobias's eyes followed the curvaceous waitress with black hair and dark skin before returning to Mia, who was looking at the menu.
    • She gritted her teeth fighting away those warm emotions, the relentlessly amorous thoughts of her curvaceous goddess.
    • Zoe's a virtual dead ringer for the late adult video starlet Savannah, with the same curvaceous figure and bleach blonde hair.
    • Grinding his teeth, Mike leaves the room, almost bumping into the curvaceous woman standing just outside the door.
    • Logan knew her as one of Ryan's numerous ex-girlfriends, a curvaceous girl he'd brought home often.
    • Roy gazed at Sarah's curvaceous figure as she went back to May's room.
    • A few minutes later, I saw a striking, curvaceous woman with short, spiky hair being shown to her table.
    • Although Dana had darker features, Kayla had her face, smile and petite, but curvaceous figure.
    • She had a curvaceous figure to her and had a walk that was too confident and stuck up; yet it attracted men and women alike to her.
    • I turn back to Nicky, whose eyes have not left Lena's raven curls and curvaceous figure.
    • Her curvaceous figure was silhouetted in the light and Argo watched as she drew nearer toward him.
    • A bridge has to link two things together often with a curvaceous and very attractive shape.
    • It has superbly figured timber, majestic curvaceous profile and spectacular mounts that echo in gilt-bronze the carved detail on the jewel cabinet.
    • In Sunset Nude with Matisse, the figure lounges at curvaceous length, her back to the sea and the sunset.