Translation of cushion in Spanish:


almohadón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkʊʃən/ /ˈkʊʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    (on chair)
    almohadón masculine
    cojín masculine
    cushion cover funda de almohadón / cojín
    • Some play stuff for the children, travel pillows, cushions and soft pillows best suited for babies are added attractions.
    • I leaned into the soft cushions of the ratty old furniture as the phone rang.
    • But over the last year or so, she has also taken to making her own soft furnishings - cushions, curtains and covers - using top-quality materials.
    • He set the computer aside and put his hands behind his back, sinking into the comfortable support of the cushions and allowing the memories to take him back.
    • Simone collapsed on the exceptionally soft cushions of her sofa.
    • She was sitting by the window, where they had put up a makeshift divan with soft cushions and throw pillows, watching the rain fall.
    • The four climbed into the carriage and made themselves comfortable among the plush cushions and pillows.
    • The soft cushions were so much more comfortable than the hard bench of the wagon.
    • Then there were a few old sofa cushions added to the pile.
    • I bought it because it had big soft cushions and was very long and deep from front to back so anyone with insomnia could find it a safe haven.
    • At evening viewings, comfortable cushions and blankets are placed on the lounge chairs.
    • He throws his black trench coat over the back of the chair, orders a tea and sinks into the soft cushions.
    • The setting is conducive to cuddling up in the soft cushions and really making yourself at home.
    • The guilt subsided as I sank back into the soft new cushions and watched a video by candlelight.
    • The kitchen door and a cushion from the sitting room were some of the items removed from the house by the forensic team.
    • For the eight hours we'd searched, Critter was sleeping on a soft cushion in a corner of their living room.
    • I lifted my head from the floor, clambering over the sofa, hauling myself onto the soft cushions.
    • Prior to that, cushions were stuffed with flax, cotton or other padded materials and the result was fairly deadening.
    • It's always nice to place your decorative cushions, soft pillows and even your bed pillows outside on a warm spring day to air out in the breeze.
    • That night I sat in bed, cloaked in a pure white silken nightgown and sitting upon the layers of bedspreads which made a soft cushion for me.
  • 2

    colchón masculine
    a cushion of air un colchón de aire
    • a cushion against inflation una protección contra la inflación
  • 3

    (in billiards, pool)
    baranda feminine
    banda feminine
    • But the new player, having to cut the black back to a blind corner pocket with the cue-ball close to the side cushion, over-cut it and left his player a simple chance.
    • It's now time for the lag, and his ball is glued to the cushion as my ball stops embarrassingly at mid-table.
    • Each shot must always hit the lowest numbered ball on the table first and then pocket a ball or make two balls reach a cushion.
    • Rather than roll to the five remaining reds, and therefore almost certainly leave one on, White twice attempted to hit them off the side cushion.
    • He missed a fine cut on a red into the yellow pocket, but the cue ball bounced off three cushions and rolled back up the table to nudge the red into the pocket.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (blow) amortiguar
    (blow) suavizar
    • My bike landed between two rocks, which acted like shock absorbers and cushioned the impact.
    • Instead, the impact was cushioned by a sort of air bag of small plates in what is now the Caribbean Sea.
    • The museum staff had placed sandbags and foam rubber around those heavy stone sculptures to cushion the impact if they fell.
    • Due to the diminished employment opportunities, families will have to move, with no savings to cushion the impact.
    • He wrapped his waist with thick paper to cushion the impact when he hit the hard ground or glass.
    • Supports relieve excessive pressure and foot strain by distributing body weight across the feet and by cushioning the impact of walking, he says.
    • The ruffian took the entire brunt of the fall, cushioning the impact somewhat for Trrol and simultaneously throwing up jets of dust and detritus.
    • Due to its thickness and elasticity it is thought to act as a ‘shock-absorber’, cushioning the impact of movement.
    • Most sites favour the use of 700 tires and band tracks cushioning the impact on pressure-sensitive sites.
    • Though my basket was broken in many places, it had saved my life by cushioning the impact as I went around boulders.
    • The two horns cushioning him from the impact, as his opponent reeled back, his force lessening.
    • Prof Schwellnus' research has shown that the foot is the first line of defence in cushioning the impact of landing.
    • Those briefcases near her must have cushioned the body's impact.
    • So down she went again, her folder skidding a few ways in front of her as she cushioned the impact with her hands.
    • The voice warned the city that re-entry would be taking place momentarily, and recommended finding some way to cushion oneself for impact.
    • You'd think with all the armor on Alphas these days it would cushion the impact.
    • It is important that her shoes not only cushion the impact, but also allow her quick recovery.
    • Once captured, the capsule will be tethered to a cable to cushion the impact.
    • They avoid night riding and always use helmets, leather jackets and knee and elbow pads to cushion the impact of a fall.
    • This clear-colored liquid cushions and protects the baby, provides it with fluids and is crucial in normal development.
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    to cushion sth/sb against sth proteger algo/a algn contra algo