Traducción de cuspidor en español:


escupidera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkəspəˌdɔr/ /ˈkʌspɪdɔː/

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    escupidera femenino
    • Four brass cuspidors were positioned at the base of each beam, and at a safe distance from the breaking end of the table was a wood stove that glowed red hot at times in the winter.
    • Therefore, litterbugs and those accustomed to spitting on the pavement no longer dare to give free rein to their impulses or else they'd better take along with them a waste-paper basket or a cuspidor whenever they opt for a stroll.
    • Before leaving the ward he picked up the cuspidor from a cabinet at the head of the bed, opened the lid and observed frothy white spittle that lacked any distinctive odor.
    • He'd be awfully sorry after he accidentally walloped her on the head with a cuspidor, but she'd still have the aching noggin.