Traducción de cuss word en español:

cuss word

palabrota, n.

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    palabrota femenino
    mala palabra femenino América Latina
    taco masculino España coloquial
    • During the discussion of agricultural issues, the senator said he lived on a farm when he was very young and had ‘learned my first cuss word sitting on a tractor with the guy who was driving it.’
    • While one can scarcely coax a cuss word from today's bookish youth, it turns out that their harshest critics, senior citizens, have gone delinquent.
    • And if memory serves me right, there was a cuss word in there somewhere.
    • You used a cuss word but I've heard enough in my life.
    • Her mouth muttered her a cuss word, her hands pushed the door open and her feet walked inside before her brain had even registered what was going on.
    • If Tiger says a cuss word once in a while, it's because he's human.
    • His mind firmly on food, Hoss uttered a cuss word and kicked him on.
    • She made sure to memorize necessary things like household items, as well as a good cuss word… or two.
    • I mouthed the cuss word so that Tamela wouldn't hear it.
    • Another cuss word entered my mind as I felt for my key but didn't find it.
    • He hadn't realized that he had just yelled a cuss word down the hallway.
    • He hadn't even finished his cuss word when he shot to an upright position.
    • Actually, every time she said a cuss word I think I saw spit fly out of her mouth.
    • The nurse stared at me with a look of disapproval on her face, no doubt because of the cuss word that I used.
    • I fell hard onto the floor, saying every cuss word I could muster up at that moment.
    • I know a lot more than you think… including the cuss words.
    • At that point I've used 20 daytime minutes, so I just hang up, because if I'd stayed on one more second I would have ended up calling her cuss words that would have made her eardrums liquefy.
    • Not because I am prudish about the use of cuss words (I am, after all, in the Marines and work around potty-mouthed sailors all day).
    • This is possibly due to the fact that cuss words are representative of the few certainties of life: birth and death.
    • We don't need to be hearing cuss words and the middle finger, you know?