Traducción de custard pie en español:

custard pie

tarta de crema, n.


  • 1

    (in slapstick comedy)
    tarta de crema femenino
    • The film's final scene, a post-apocalyptic custard-pie battle in the presidential bunker, was deleted before it went on general release.
    • Borkowski, who staged the biggest custard-pie fight ever in the Millennium Dome (3,312 pies in two minutes), has set himself a challenge on a par with making a romance about estate agents.
    • I'm obliged to say that, in case the clown mobsters order a custard-pie hit.
    • Personally, I'd rather see the Games end with a gigantic custard-pie fight.
    • This Thursday's AGM, aka the Big Top Conference, will pose some serious issues, among them custard-pie throwing and clown museum funding.
    • Throw a custard pie at a rocket shark and it falls to pieces before your eyes.
    • We are also looking for employees and business to wear yellow for a day, sell yellow ribbons, get someone sponsored to sit in a bath of custard or have a sponsored custard pie throwing.
    • The episode in which the Pope is tricked of his lunch and gets a custard pie in his face suggests the kind of blasphemy that can only coexist with belief.
    • That includes custard pie throwing, yellow dress code and fines for those not taking part, yellow floral displays, serving yellow ice cream, and baking and selling yellow treats to colleagues in the office.
    • Gareth would like to see the whole situation sorted with a custard pie fight in Museum Gardens on St George's Day, April 23.
    • A comic food fight followed a rather plain juggling act, and Henri had the audience tossing bundles of spaghetti back and forth finishing with a satisfying custard pie slap in the face.
    • And an entertainer from Tring throwing custard pies from the window of his collapsing car.
    • A clown would be too busy making balloon animals and throwing delightful custard pies.
    • I am making lots of calls but everywhere I turn I am getting a custard pie in the face.
    • From the moment you entered the room on your unicycle wearing your orange wig and carrying a custard pie, all I could think was, ‘I hope he isn't going to do something silly’.
    • After a fortnight in which everyone had been getting hot and bothered over the advance of the far right, the British people reacted as only they know how - with a custard pie in the face of politics.
    • Then, the ‘piece de resistance’ the reason all small boys really love circuses - the custard pie in the face.
    • It's like he wants to grow up and say something, but just can't resist donning the Fatboy suit and chucking a custard pie or two.
    • And then you get a great big custard pie in the face.
    • I won't have that custard pie in the face though.