Translation of custodial in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kəˈstoʊdiəl/ /kʌˈstəʊdɪəl/


  • 1

    to be in custodial care estar bajo la tutela del tribunal de menores
    • A nineteen year-old has been given a six-month custodial sentence for using his camera phone to take pictures in court.
    • She said it wouldn't be appropriate to mete out a long custodial sentence even if the suspect is convicted.
    • It is not always clear whether changing legal and custodial practices brought about changes in attitudes towards debtors and towards consumer debt, or the other way round.
    • Any officer conducting a custodial interrogation is required to read the Miranda rights.
    • Hundreds of people staged a protest demonstration there against alleged custodial killings.
    • The suspect is charged with felony custodial kidnapping and assault and battery.
    • If the offending remains serious or persistent, the team can arrange for closer control of the young person through electronic tagging, intensive supervision, or ultimately by custodial detention.
    • They have demanded a probe into the custodial death.
    • The sentence for the breach of the bail should usually be custodial and consecutive to any other custodial sentence."
    • For qualifying people, Medicaid covers custodial care in a nursing home in all states.
    • They recently opened up a custodial account for their 13-year-old daughter.
    • Of the 13.4 million custodial parents, about 8 million (60 percent) have a support agreement or award for their children.
    • The IRS assumes custodial parents provide more than half of the child's financial support..
    • Psychiatry arose in the 19th century, when its main role was to provide custodial care for the mentally ill.
    • The program is designed to provide a wide variety of medical and custodial services to those who cannot afford it.
    • Much of the care people need is custodial in nature and can be given in a home setting.
    • He spent much of his childhood in custodial institutions after the death of his father.
    • Care-taking roles are referred to as custodial or surrogate parenting in the literature.