Translation of custom in Spanish:


costumbre, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkəstəm/ /ˈkʌstəm/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(convention, tradition)

      costumbre feminine
      here it is the custom to … aquí se acostumbra …
      • he broke with custom rompió con la tradición
      • by custom según la costumbre
      • It wasn't the normal custom within Ryder, and it shook things up right away.
      • These net deficits are easily offset by the increased custom among those who visit just once a week, the survey's authors say.
      • That, and the fact that her SAC compartment was separated from everyone else's as was the custom for dignitaries visiting aboard a star cruiser.
      • As is the custom with visiting luminaries, he was asked to give advice about other problematic patients.
      • Habitual consumption of either (it is not the custom to take both in any given day) says much about an individual's background and daily life.
      • On the second day of the Lunar New Year, it is the custom for married daughters to visit their parents.
      • He knew that if he visited friends, they would feed him as was the custom.
      • I learned there that having the governess as part of the family was not a normal Letzenstein custom.
      • I followed through with my regular custom of staying away from election coverage until about 8 pm.
      • Their traditions and customs have not been widely spread nor preserved.
      • All that have specific traditions and customs, folklore, cuisine, and dress and may speak a different language.
      • I particularly enjoyed the depiction of old military traditions and customs.
      • Deeply religious, she greatly valued the old customs and traditions.
      • Ancient customs practiced in a traditional society are serious business to the locals.
      • Marriage is a festive affair, involving many old customs and traditions.
      • People are affected with their customs, traditions, religions and social demeanor.
      • She was among the most senior citizens in the Williamstown region and had a wealth of knowledge in relation to old customs, traditions and old times.
      • The age old customs and traditions of the Tamils are held in high esteem by Keralites and they are preserved in modern Kerala.
      • They were a very special kind of people who participated in, and kept alive our grand old Irish customs and tradition.
      • He also had a fine recall of times gone by and the old ways, customs and traditions.
      • First, the nature of an Aboriginal claim must be identified precisely with regard to particular practices, customs and traditions.
      • Despite legal prohibition, sexual exploitation of girls in the form of traditional and religious customs such as deuki still exist in Nepal.
      • The film-makers aim to show that despite growing up in England, young Asians still respect traditions and customs of their parent's homeland.
      • Many ethnic groups had carried into Islam their own social customs, military traditions and administrative rules.
      • We lost a lot of traditions, we lost customs, religion and culture, which still now brings social problems and terrible unemployment.
      • In this new environment Achill customs and traditions were practised and even developed.
      • This custom was traditionally observed at Whitsun but it has no link with the Restoration and was moved from its traditional Whitsun date as an expression of loyalty.
      • His society considers the funeral custom of body viewing personal or dependent on the conscientious feelings of the individual.
      • Cigarettes are demanded by consumers and form part of the social custom of many societies.

    • 1.2 formal (habit)

      costumbre feminine
      it was her custom to travel alone tenía por costumbre viajar sola

  • 2mainly British

    if they value our custom si no nos quieren perder como clientes
    • they've lost custom to the supermarket han perdido clientes / clientela por culpa del supermercado
    • I'll take my custom elsewhere dejaré de ser su cliente
  • 3customs plural

    • 3.1(organization, place)

      aduana feminine
      to go through customs pasar por la aduana
      • customs clearance despacho de aduana
      • customs declaration declaración de aduana
      • customs duties derechos de aduana
      • customs inspector inspector de aduanas
      • customs officer / official agente de aduanas
      • customs tariff arancel

    • 3.2(tax)

      derechos arancelarios masculine
      derechos de aduana masculine


  • 1

    que trabaja por encargo mainly US
    (suit) a (la) medida
    (car) (hecho) de encargo
    • Since construction sites do not have the equipment to bend or cut re-bar, Ferneuf always fills custom orders.
    • Lee creates one-of-a-kind designs and custom orders to fit any shape and size of both men and women.
    • When I ordered a custom item a couple weeks ago, I noticed that Lowes' internal systems are all tied into open source programs.
    • Now they reach consumers via the Internet, and take custom orders from companies and government agencies.
    • As people become more attuned to ordering custom vehicles, we feel this trend will grow.
    • If you want your boots to be unique and personalized, you can get in touch with West Coast Shoe Company or Dayton Shoe Company to order custom motorcycle boots.
    • Now she makes many styles, and handles custom orders.
    • My wife has also ordered custom dresses from the same woman.
    • This means that farmers and the test of the industry will be able to order custom sugar beet varieties selected for the genes they contain.
    • Should a customer make a large order for custom machines, IBM or HP's services organizations will rush to make the deal go through.
    • Some rainwear makers have a special order department for custom sizes.
    • They can even be ordered with custom artwork and etching on the case.
    • For the truly self-indulgent, Viva Brasil in Genoa Nervi makes custom bikinis to order.
    • You could for example, order your maraschinos in custom colors and flavors.
    • Meanwhile, he sees a tremendous amount of custom framing from these orders alone.
    • The material is available in 20 different colors that are fade and weather resistant, or they will make you a custom color by special order.
    • Since custom cabinets can be ordered in any size you want, the sizing issue may point you in one direction over the other.
    • This was one of many custom Fender guitars given to him by Leo Fender himself.
    • Bax made one of his custom guitars for Johnny with a pocket on the back, in which a copy of the script has been placed.
    • According to Dean, the Motor Store's Dundalk outlet can fit customer cars with a custom exhaust to order.