Translation of custom-made in Spanish:


hecho de encargo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkəstəmˈmeɪd/ /ˌkʌstəmˈmeɪd/


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    (furnishings/furniture) hecho de encargo
    he has his shirts custom-made se manda (a) hacer las camisas a la medida
    • If anyone in the New York area fancies a custom-made suit made by one of the best tailors in the world, call him up on his mobile and make an appointment while he's there.
    • At age 32, I bought a custom-made Mercedes Benz that was shipped to me at the World Bank assignment I had taken up.
    • The second one is custom-made in Venice by Carruthers Guitars.
    • Kathleen Walsh had her son specially fitted for the custom-made pushchair through the South Eastern Health Board.
    • Each time the religious institution issues custom-made edicts for political purposes, it loses credibility.
    • Authentic menu items include delicacies such as shark's fin served in papaya encased in a custom-made silver container.
    • I've always loved custom-made, original musical instruments like this.
    • A senior source says that many in his group also shopped at the markets, where they bought custom-made suits and cheap golf clubs.
    • He had some lovely guitars, which I think were custom-made.
    • He had received the knife, which was custom-made, as a present from his grandfather, when he was 11 years old.
    • She also won £400 spending money and a custom-made Lions team strip.
    • The next development was custom-made bottles and it is here that one gets a trifle suspicious of the producer's intentions.
    • The war ended, the airmen left, and Telegraph Cove became a sawmill town again, providing custom-made lumber for boats and docks.
    • Hardwood is so much more resilient than the cheaper stuff that Primeau Decor chooses it for its own custom-made furniture.
    • The phone networks now believe that custom-made TV and film clips will be the next mobile-phone money-spinner.
    • Modest storefronts sell everything from custom-made hats to bulk candy, and there are endless pizza parlours.
    • The ‘fashion outlet’ turned out to be a fabric shop that did custom-made suits.
    • Tiny fairy penguins body-surf onto the beach, struggle to their feet, and waddle up to their custom-made nesting shelters.
    • Almost everything on board, from spinnaker poles to steering wheels, is custom-made.
    • Not only that, we prefer it all to be handcrafted and custom-made.