Traducción de customarily en español:


habitualmente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˌkəstəˈmɛrəli/ /ˈkʌstəm(ə)rɪli/

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    • The Greeks and Romans customarily observed certain humanitarian principles.
    • The first 30 beads of so of a necklace, we've historically thought was just an aesthetically pleasing pattern customarily used by a particular tribe.
    • It is not, however, the relationship that is customarily supposed.
    • Will they be told that homeless figures are customarily unverifiable and therefore consistently exaggerated?
    • His hulking figure is customarily clad in baggy jeans, zip-up jackets, and his trademark baseball caps.
    • Flesh and blood are customarily characteristic of organic life forms.
    • This is supported by the fact that men customarily are credited with the invention of the emergency room for fast service.
    • On hearing that Smith was engaged, she cancelled her visit, wrote him a scathing letter and returned the box of books his firm customarily sent her.
    • The event is customarily held on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, celebrating the end of the harvest season.
    • Or did it mean getting men to become more docile and emotional - customarily held to be more the feminine qualities?
    • Once they are mined, cut and polished, diamonds are customarily graded.
    • The literature prize is customarily announced at noon on the second Thursday in October.
    • It remains rich and hospitable, and customarily preserves the age old traditions of natural cuisine.
    • Reference to quality considerations is customarily included in reporting on performance.
    • He often wore disguises, went by a number of aliases, and customarily destroyed the records of his investigations.
    • We are sure Bulgarians are big enough to give them a customarily hospitable reception.
    • Education is now customarily discussed in terms of product, delivery and consumer.
    • His hair is tied back into a mantilla more customarily worn by the women of the singer's native land.
    • On the eve of a typical wedding, a vegetarian meal is customarily served in a huge tent erected near the home of the bride or bridegroom.
    • By contrast, all the principal trace elements found in this enamel are customarily present in 16 th-century enamels.