Translation of cut-in in Spanish:


inserto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkədˌɪn/

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    inserto masculine
    escena insertada feminine
    • The remaining commentary is in the form of cut-ins provided by Susan Clark and Brad Savage who, truth be told, don't even appear to be in the same room.
    • We did a few cut-ins before the start of our five o'clock newscast, and I remember starting the first one with the words, ‘If you're able to watch this special report on your television right now, you're one of the lucky ones.’
    • Noticias 23 al Amanecer runs from 6 to 7 every morning, before the three-hour national morning program Despierta America, which includes local-news cut-ins.
    • What some folks may not know is that the rest of the show - everything except Dick's live cut-ins - is recorded some time before.
    • The Marlins-Giants battle was going on simultaneously with the Yanks, so most of what I caught were cut-ins and snippets between innings.
    • The storyline's ok but there are some interesting cut-ins of a ‘love story’ aka Arabian Nights to make it more interesting.
    • We'll be back with more, more calls, more cut-ins, and more about their other projects.
    • Where did you use them (breaking news cut-in, online, newscast, and so on)?