Translation of cut-price in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kʌtˈprʌɪs/


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    • The cut-price tickets will be going on sale from March 7 for travel from March 14 and will be sent to householders by post.
    • Rather than going to a reputable DIY store like any sensible man would have, Howard had to buy the sink cheap from the closing down sale of that cut-price bathroom suppliers the Atlantis Showroom.
    • Incredulous journalists have reported seeing her buy discounted miniskirts at factory outlets and queuing for cut-price theater tickets.
    • Public transport including ferryboats, also offered cut-price tickets to make it cheap for locals to travel around the city.
    • Your cut-price carrier ticket is around a third of the price of the full fare - do the maths.
    • Bates wrote back saying he might consider concessions for kids, but he reckoned pensioners should have saved enough in their lifetime to buy their tickets and not be dependent on freebies or cut-price tickets.
    • While it will not be compulsory to carry the cards, young people will be offered a series of inducements - such as cut-price CDs and cinema tickets - to encourage their use.
    • Christmas is just around the corner and the cut-price tickets would also make an excellent Christmas present.
    • Rail travellers have snapped up more than 115,000 cut-price tickets as part of GNER's plans to win back passengers.
    • This comes after the airline has sold 135,000 cut-price tickets since it announced its new Manchester operation two months ago.
    • The Bank of Scotland is subsidising Swan Lake, while the Royal is funding cut-price tickets for hordes of teenage lovers of opera and theatre.
    • Batchelor claimed a sponsorship deal was helping fund the offer and around 1,000 fans bought the cut-price tickets last autumn.
    • Batchelor claimed at the time he was able to offer the cut-price tickets because he would soon be announcing a major sponsorship deal.
    • Time is running out for York City Knights RL fans to get their hands on cut-price season tickets for the new season.
    • The advert was printed in red ink on the back of the tickets, promoting cut-price kitchens on the same number used by Miller.
    • The airline is offering 20,000 cut-price tickets from Singapore to Phuket and by the end of the third day of sales had already sold 5,000.
    • A cut-price ticket deal against Wimbledon two seasons ago produced an 18, 255 turn-out on a Tuesday night.
    • Bolstered by season ticket sales, including the new cut-price two-year package, the City chief is impatient to buy now rather than in the summer when competition for young talent will be hotter.
    • Within days of that conversation, Black was offering his readers cut-rate subscriptions, thereby reducing his circulation revenue by millions each year.
    • Will we open Australia to competition from cut-rate overseas universities?