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tajo, n.

Pronunciación /kət/ /kʌt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(wound)

      tajo masculino
      corte masculino

    • 1.2(incision)

      corte masculino
      to make a cut in sth hacer un corte en algo
      • He played some elegant straight bat drives, and he also played some beautiful horizontal bat cuts.
      • Martin seemed in more trouble when he dropped short and Gilchrist aimed a cut.
      • They adapted to the variable bounce, and then launched into the bowlers in a flurry of cuts, sweeps, drives and lofts over the infield.
      • Gayle, usually the flamboyant strokemaker, played a subdued innings with only rare sightings of his trademark drives and cuts.
      • He is strong off the back, utilising hooks and cuts to great effect.
      • Scars on the skin appear when a cut or other injury is healing.
      • In her terror, the woman instinctively put her hand up to protect her neck and suffered a cut from the blade.
      • Vitamin B9 assists the body in forming red blood cells, and vitamin C promotes healthy skin and allows our cuts and scrapes to heal quickly.
      • Shaving cream creates a lubricated environment for the razor, preventing cuts and leaving skin silky smooth.
      • Her once flawless skin was covered with cuts and bruises.
      • Gently clean the skin where it has cuts and rashes.
      • He sustained minor injuries of slight cuts and scratches to his head.
      • First, the doctor will clean the skin around the cut so it won't get infected.
      • My hands are scattered with various scratches, grazes and cuts, the worst of them on my middle finger, which looks as if it's been attacked with a hammer.
      • The injuries ranged from cuts and bruises to lacerations needing stitches, broken arms and back injuries.
      • She covered her face with her arms as she slid on the pavement, causing several cuts to appear on her arms, legs, and stomach.
      • With his cuts cleaned, and a bit of plaster, he looked like an innocent ten year old, who'd fallen off his bicycle.
      • A few were bleeding from the nose or had facial cuts.
      • They got her into the cabin and Mr Adams, trained in first aid, cleaned her cuts and abrasions with alcohol.
      • One suffered cuts and bruises after jumping from a first-floor bedroom.
      • He smiles at her and she smiles back then continues to clean the cut on his shoulder.
      • Gingerly, I touched the red cut on his forehead, and he flinched.
      • Nick arrived late, looking worse than ever, with strange cuts all over his arms.
      • One woman went to the hospital with facial cuts and a broken nose.
      • I had a first aid kit in my pack, so I cleaned the cut with antiseptic and put a band-aid on it.
      • This causes the dough to expand rapidly, the cuts on top opening to give the leaf-shaped scars typical of these loaves.
      • Score the surface with shallow cuts to makes six or eight wedges each.
      • Also, if cuts are present in the tyre wall, the tyre can be weakened, making it dangerous.
      • Also, it is extremely important to ensure the rotating band is secure on the projectile and that there are no cuts, dents, or excessive rust on the band.
      • While a person is feeling the tread, the entire tire should also be inspected for such safety-related damage as cuts, cracks, blisters, or bulges.
      • Check tyres for damage, looking out for any cuts, cracks or bulges, as these can lead to slow punctures and blowouts.
      • Rub the pork rind with olive oil, thyme and sea salt, smearing it into the scored cuts, and place the pork on a rack in the roasting tray.

  • 2

    • 2.1(reduction)

      a wage cut un recorte salarial
      • a tax cut una reducción / rebaja en los impuestos
      • to make cuts in essential services hacer recortes en los servicios esenciales
      • to take a cut in salary aceptar un sueldo más bajo
      • The law ordered striking hospital employees back to work with a 15 per cent pay cut.
      • Soaring debt - which at one stage was predicted to reach £11m - has led to a series of cuts ranging from ward closures to stopping snacks for patients.
      • For a health care system already on life support due to extreme budget cuts, the extraction of $500,000,000 dollars would be the death knell.
      • The tax cuts are looking awfully effective at the moment.
      • When most motorists have a genuine and convenient public transport alternative for their journey, that is the time to implement car park cuts.
      • The company will have 4,600 employees after the cuts are implemented.
      • Any price cuts would be implemented from April, according to the newspaper.
      • Any job cuts are a blow but the company has got to do something, I understand that even if I'm not happy with it.
      • The most outrageous thing about the budget is to call for permanent tax cuts, which don't even show up in your five-year budget.
      • The cuts have been considered as part of an internal review in the face of falling student applications for some courses.
      • However, staff cuts should be considered only when all else fails.
      • The total amount of budget cuts runs to just over £900,000.
      • Maybe some people think that cuts at the museum would be less damaging than cuts elsewhere.
      • Such extreme cuts along with rises in council tax could cause friction between the council and the government.
      • The only thing that is certain is that if the university does not expand deep budget cuts are inevitable.
      • All three central banks in the United States, Britain and Europe announced half-point interest rate cuts.
      • The bulk of the Government's regional funding cuts were announced last month in the mid-year economic review.
      • The company is also demanding a 10 percent across-the-board pay cut and reduction in benefits for those employees kept on.
      • There will be more swingeing job cuts, and this is bound to have an impact on consumer confidence.
      • Protests are inevitable once proposed massive cuts in education, health care, welfare and transportation sink in.

    • 2.2(in text, film)

      (deletion) corte masculino
      (deleted material) trozo omitido masculino
      • Jewison allows the actors to set the tone through long takes rather than forcing the scene through rapid cuts.
      • Harris' use of unconventional camera angles and quick cuts invigorates these scenes.
      • There aren't many cuts - often a scene will take place before us in one shot, with the camera serenely gliding from one side of a room to the other.
      • Quick cuts between scenes stitch the boarding house residents' stories together, giving a sense of the whole without dwelling on any single individual.
      • Another common stylistic pattern used is that of a quick series of fast cuts of a scene, sometimes repeating parts of it.
      • In most films the cuts would not be so sudden - there would be transition shots of movement to ease the eye.
      • It can be a beautiful shot that works for the entire scene without any additional cuts if necessary.
      • In the earlier film, a cut or a fade to black made minutes or even hours disappear.
      • The quick cuts make the film seem more episodic than it need be, with each ‘episode’ focusing on one or two vengeful acts.
      • Set in an abandoned mine, the work features rapid-fire cuts and scene changes that give it a breathless, surrealistic bite.
      • Instead of underlining the drama with music or emphatic cuts, the film takes a dry, laconic approach.
      • Also, the pacing of the scenes - when the cuts come, often late and after a period of nothing happening - is very much like a piece of anime.
      • The way this scene is done, with very few cuts, is one of the most intense scenes in cinema, as you're watching the end unfold mysteriously.
      • Too bad also that Marshall directs Chicago like he's still working in television: all quick cuts and close-ups, no breadth.
      • It allows us to constantly check the scene against one character's reactions to the scene, without distracting cuts or pans.
      • Most scenes are shot as one continuous take, with cuts taking place only where changes in location necessitate them.
      • There is then an abrupt cut to a graveyard where two brothers meet, after a long separation, for the burial of their father.
      • The editing, however, is poor: abrupt cuts between long, static shots.
      • Those directors shot a lot of their numbers without any cuts, and I wanted to bring that to this film.
      • Since then, they have reached a compromise, wherein the director agreed to make cuts but was allowed several days of reshoots to make the flow to his satisfaction.
      • This is also down to the editing style of Walter Murch who prefers to only make cuts when absolutely necessary.
      • After the film has been edited and completed for release in India it has to go through the censor board, where they can also make cuts.
      • The BBC then appeared to go back to the start of the season, select those episodes that required slightly more cuts and show these in a later slot.
      • Obviously there have been cuts, in both characters and scenes, but what is important is that the very essence of the play, its most salient points, are preserved.
      • Secondly, Quentin Tarantino needs a new editor - someone who can convince him to make the really hard cuts.
      • The play is a little overlong and would benefit from cuts, but each scene is interesting and changes are smoothly executed.
      • After heavy cuts, the film was released by Hammer in August of 1962; it did not reach the US until July 1965, as the bottom half of a double bill.
      • They were smart cuts from the film, but they are definitely interesting to watch today.
      • However, Solondz himself made cuts to the film that no one will ever see.
      • Baird, of course, takes the Berman stance and agrees with the cuts made to the film.

    • 2.3power cut

      apagón masculino

  • 3

    • 3.1haircut

      corte de pelo masculino
      dry/wet cut corte en seco/con el pelo mojado
      • I was first introduced to Reiki some eight years ago, sitting in the hairdressers having a cut and blow dry.
      • A cut, shampoo and set would take about an hour, and a perm would take two hours.
      • I went along to the spacious Studio in Edinburgh for a cut and colour to find out.
      • After the cream had spent its time in my hair and was washed out, they decided that my hair would need a cut.
      • I have let it go years without a proper cut because I just don't know what to do with it.
      • Swindonians were given a cut, brush and blow dry at the weekend to raise money for charity.
      • Daniel has just opened his own salon in Birstall and he is now offering Bradford City fans the chance to bid for a cut and blow dry or restyling.
      • He is now doing his bit to ensure his former club survives by offering a free cut and blow dry or restyling session.
      • Stylish ladies could get a cut and perm at Southampton department store Owen Owens for £16.30.

    • 3.2(of suit)

      corte masculino
      • Louise designs the cut and style and Rita weaves her hue magic to create movement and pizazz.
      • The secret to fab hair is in the cut, not the containers of setting gunk!
      • All I see is his broad back encased in an expensive black suit, and the elegant cut of his dark hair.
      • As for the cut, I tapered the hair on the back and sides, gradually creating fullness toward the top.
      • I'm back to the skater cut, because girls tell me my hair is so nice, so I grew it out.
      • That way you can grow accustomed to the new style or cut and you'll be able to get a better idea of whether the style suits you or not.
      • The magistrate was a woman in her early to mid forties with completely gray hair which was styled in a cut just below her ears with a bit of a wave.
      • You might recognize the vintage look in this jacket, thanks to the style, cut and fabric.
      • She stood there, in the middle of the crowd, in her black evening gown that had this elegant cut and style to it.
      • The cut and styling are very nice but it's the fabrics they use that I love.
      • There's nothing wrong with pants and a jacket, just be sure they are the right ones with a modern cut and pizzazz!
      • She wore her brown hair in the choppy cut of a lead singer from a local rock band.
      • She wore her hair in a pixie cut with bright blonde streaks through the natural brown.
      • She had angled blonde hair in a similar cut to mine, but hers had sharper angles.
      • The cut is still manly but they're a trimmer fit than a lot of other overalls.
      • We'll darken your skin with some herbs we have, and we'll change the cut of your hair.
      • Soon the man who had run off came back with a large muscular man with short hair in a military cut and a dark tanned skin.
      • In a nutshell, you have to look at the fabric, the cut and finally, examine some of the finishing details.
      • He looks at the build of the ship, the cut of its sails, the dusky color of crew's skin.
      • The deep red color looked beautiful on her and the cut flattered her perfect figure.

  • 4

    (of meat)
    (type) corte masculino
    (piece) trozo masculino
    • For example, add lean cuts of red meat or dark poultry to your meals on a regular basis.
    • There is even a full-time butcher, preparing the cuts of meat from carcass.
    • If you've got the time, foods such as eggs, poultry, fish, and lean cuts of red meat are excellent sources of complete protein.
    • As the types of meat were as likely to be lower quality animals, methods were needed to help tenderize the tougher cuts of meat.
    • It's better to stick to lean cuts of red meat, white meat or fish.
    • The options for main courses were dominated in my mind by the open fridge piled high with succulent cuts of red meat.
    • For beef, good casserole cuts are shin, brisket, neck, topside, thick flank or shoulder.
    • Larger cuts of meat may be placed in raw marinades for an extended period of time but are typically left in the marinades for several hours or overnight.
    • And I love slow-stewed and braised dishes made from the less lovely cuts of meat.
    • If you're concerned about the amount of fat you take in, choose leaner cuts, cook the meat longer and concentrate more on chicken and turkey.
    • Less tender cuts - stew meat, riblets and shanks - are tenderized by cooking with moist heat, such as braising and stewing.
    • Filco will now be selling prime cuts and a full range of roasting cuts, as well as looking at Celtic Pride added-value products like sausages and burgers.
    • Before my eyes I was shocked to see that whichever child screamed and cried the loudest was rewarded with the choice cuts from a smiling dad.
    • Look for lean cuts of these meats with minimal visible fat.
    • Choosing lean cuts of meat and trimming off the visible fat are easy ways to avoid this problem.
    • Fatty cuts of meat and processed meats are among meats high in saturated fat.
    • If you can't get hold of veal, use stewing cuts of beef instead.
    • Do you like aged prime cuts of beef that are exceptionally well prepared?
    • And I did appreciate that you started letting in boneless cuts of beef.
    • Halfway through a king size cut of steak she seemed to make progress toward sobriety.
  • 5coloquial

    tajada femenino coloquial
    parte femenino
    to take/get one's cut of sth sacar tajada de algo
    • More likely they'd drive me to the recycling center to cash in my cans, and then demand a cut of the profit.
    • When Kev and Mike come bearing gifts, they want to flog them down their local, promising the barmaid a cut of the profits.
    • The stars also get a cut of the profits from the show being re-sold and from the sale of videos and DVDs.
    • Lastly, please remember to allocate me a cut of the profits when you claim the Nobel Prize for Literature.
    • She has made a deal to let two greasy thugs grow pot on their farmland in exchange for a cut of the profits.
    • Meanwhile, back in reality, I deserve a cut of the firm's profits for the forthcoming financial year.
    • I will agree that it is good business practice to give employees a cut of profits.
    • Yet there is a good chance that if you go to a concert this year, Aiken will be getting a cut of the profits.
    • He wants me to sell his designs and, in turn, I'll get a cut of the profits, as well as a basic minimum wage.
    • Each site that sells a track or an album will receive a cut of the profits from the transaction.
    • Muley says the owners are not making money and need the tenants' cut of the profits.
    • I just wonder if Stewart was serious about plans for his cut of the race purse.
    • He controlled the cops and didn't mind violating the 18th Amendment as long as he got his cut.
    • We could all do with a few quid, so if we do get any money, my cut will come my way.
    • I am just waiting for my cut, I do have a family at home to feed.
    • Work the angle, play your part in the con, get your cut and then get out.
    • Did I mention that I am not only a middleman, but I am taking a cut for doing absolutely nothing.
    • He wants Jenny to babysit the fugitives in return for a cut of the book's proceeds.
    • We get a cut on any books that you buy, of course.
    • Every time Maxwell closed a deal he got a cut, and this book traces the money trail better than any previous efforts.
  • 6

    (with knife) cuchillada femenino
    (with rapier) estocada femenino
    (with whip) latigazo masculino
    • And people joked about it, used to add up how many cuts of the cane they got as a mark of honour and so on, but I was scared.
    • The log books show that in those days impertinence was punished by one or two cuts with the cane - or a slap with an open hand.
    • Often the horse does his work with panting sides and trembling knees, and not seldom gets a cut of the whip from his rider.
    • After 22 cuts of the whip, he was starting to feel the pain creeping through his mind.
    • He watched his father's neat, even blows, chops, cuts, and parries.
    • The leverage is used to continue the counter offensive action and land a cut or thrust.
    • Its heavy metal blade is balanced to aid your efforts in making a solid cut.
    • When pruning the Apple tree, first cut out any dead or deceased branches, being careful to make cuts close to the main branch, without leaving any stub.
    • Make cuts slightly above a strong bud that faces the outside of the plant.
    • Make cuts on an angle and just above a node, where the leaf attaches to the stem.
    • Use clean, sharp clippers, and make cuts at 45-degree angles so moisture won't collect on the cut tips.
    • You can cut this material on a table saw, or with a circular saw, jig saw, hand saw, or by making multiple scoring cuts with a sharp utility knife.
    • However, a quality, sharp set of scissor blades can glide through any pruning job making good clean cuts which in turn encourages good growth.
    • One person used the scissors repeatedly before he quit the stage, taking time to consider each cut.
  • 7EEUU

    plancha femenino

verbo transitivo cutting, cut, cut

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (wood/paper/wire/rope) cortar
      to cut sb's throat degollar a algn
      • they're going to cut me open and have a look me van a abrir para ver
      • cut the top off it córtale la parte de arriba
      • they cut a path through the undergrowth abrieron un camino a través de la maleza
      • That is rewriting history, and cutting your anchor rope, and should be resisted.
      • Some were lost through storms or when their marking float lines were cut by boat props or otherwise severed.
      • An inline fuel separator is installed by cutting the vent hose that runs from the fuel tank to the tank vent on the outside of the boat.
      • After Justin cut the rope she thought her life was about to end, but Brian had run under her and caught her.
      • Much to her surprise, she felt arms around her and her ropes were being cut.
      • He stated that it was only after he had arrived at Aegion at about 10 am that he learned that the ropes had been deliberately cut.
      • A bundle of straw can be separated into parts by cutting all the straws in half, or by splitting it up into single straws, or by dividing it into two bundles.
      • Dr. Zachariah also testified that the Achilles' tendons of many wounded persons were cut to prevent them from fleeing.
      • He finished with the wound and cut the thread with a serrated combat knife from the soldier's belt.
      • He might have a list of 10 stores he was being paid to open, and being paid big money just to cut the tape with the ceremonial scissors.
      • Also among the exhibits is the pair of scissors used by Mrs Mary Brown to cut the ribbon at the official opening of Morecambe pier in 1907.
      • Koras yelled in anger as the noose was taken from Asedrisean's neck and the ropes were cut from his wrists.
      • An unidentified farm labourer cuts through a piece of steel with a gas torch without the use of mandatory safety goggles.
      • A spokesman for Dublin Fire Brigade said the incident occurred when workmen cut through a pipe they believed to be dry.
      • They cut through the chain locking the bike to a drainpipe outside the flat where Mr Croucher was staying in the early hours of April 10.
      • In three out of four cases where handbags have been stolen, the offender or offenders have or have attempted to cut through the shoulder strap.
      • He then tried unsuccessfully to cut through the lock with a hacksaw.
      • How did they cut through the chain without waking anybody up?
      • The thieves broke into the shop through the back door and used cutting equipment to cut through the burglar alarm.
      • The sailors had to cut through their anchor line to escape the beach.

    • 1.2(divide, slice up)

      cut the bread into slices corte el pan en rebanadas
      • to cut sth in half/in two cortar algo por la mitad/en dos
      • It's too bad Sara had made Salad for supper because the carrots had to be cut with a knife.
      • At more than six feet tall and weighing in at over 600 pounds, her cake had to be cut with a knife that was a foot and a half long.
      • Matthias chuckles, then takes a knife, and cuts himself some bread.
      • Peter Chroston is cutting these up into 7ft by 4ft by 2ft pieces of wood which have to be steamed and worked into place.
      • The pieces can be cut with scissors into small squares and put into color categories.
      • The upstairs tenant told police he had a knife because he was cutting cheese when the women knocked on his door.
      • At the final moment I was more interested in examining the knife rather than cutting the cake.
      • There was already a knife to cut the cake with, but Abigail always thought bigger was better.
      • I had to present Michael with a great big sabre to cut the cake - we had a real laugh with it.
      • The ribbon is cut into strips and stacked four high before it moves on for dicing and shredding.
      • After baking a layer of icing sugar is placed on top and the cake is cut into squares.
      • Today I chopped the ends of two fingers cutting vegetables for supper.
      • I experimented by cutting one of these fish into large chunks and mounting it on a large hook.
      • I looked down at the chicken I had cut up and skinned, and got another board out to cut onions up in.
      • I cut the card into strips, which both separate the card number into chunks and excise it from the expiration date.
      • She likes colouring and cutting the paper into shapes.
      • In the early days there was nothing else for it but to cut the snow into blocks using shovels and then throw it over the wall.
      • At one point, he got up to cut oranges into strange shapes on a chopping board.
      • Making a rug was a family affair, with the children sitting under the frame cutting fabric into strips whilst their parents made the rug above them.
      • All you need to do is wash, trim and cut the young tender stalks into short pieces.

    • 1.3Militar
      (prevent passage through)

      (road/railroad/supply lines) cortar
      • It was used by Hitler during World War II when Germany had most of its oil supplies cut.
      • Libya has also supported British policy, cutting off oil supplies to the beleaguered regime.
      • They would react by cutting off oil supplies to the West.
      • In the meantime, troops have continued to impose a tightened siege on the area, and electricity and water supplies have been cut.
      • It was afraid of civil war cutting off its oil supplies.
      • Department officials said they would be unable to process payments if the power supply was to be cut.
      • They bullied their allies into cutting off supplies of fuel oil to the country in November.
      • An inertia switch cuts off the flow of fuel to the engine in the event of a collision minimising the risk of fire.
      • Ms Semple said yesterday the company may be able to continue its work even after its funds are cut off.
      • ‘How efficient,’ I thought when we received our notification stating our water would be cut off on October 21 and 22 for 34 hours, and advising us to store sufficient water, which we did.
      • And the government is afraid to screw around it with it to fix it, because if tings didn't go as planned, the government fears that its revenue would be cut off and it would go bankrupt.
      • We have about a one-month gap where my income will be cut off and so will my wife's,’ he said.
      • How would you like to meet a student on a Monday morning who hasn't eaten since Saturday because his or her welfare was cut off?
      • Yesterday North Yorkshire Police warned people should not use the 999 number to call for help when their electricity was cut off because of flooding and gale force winds.
      • Their gas was cut off for not paying a £140 bill.
      • Or maybe it was going to sue the federal government in case its funding was cut off.
      • He recounted an anecdote about an elderly council tenant who was left without any gas heating for three days after her supply was cut off in error.
      • When their income is cut off, they cannot even feed themselves.
      • This is of vital importance if you don't want to wake up one morning to find out that your benefit has been cut off, just as the rent is due to go out.
      • Small, hi-tech companies, by contrast, have little power, so their money can be cut off more easily.

  • 2

    • 2.1(gash, wound)

      I cut my finger me corté el dedo
      • you'll cut yourself! ¡te vas a cortar!
      • he's so sharp he'll cut himself! se pasa de listo
      • It was when I pulled my hand away when I realized that the ring on his finger had cut my skin and it was now bleeding.
      • He threw a knife and cut a man's ear and cheek with it.
      • During a big home repair job - well, really just changing a light switch - I accidentally cut myself.
      • Doctor Bayley tripped over some large roots and cut her head on a rock.
      • It was not dying quickly enough so I went and got a sharper knife and cut its throat again.
      • Indignant, Tyrone did not hesitate, and as the blades cut deep, blood began to spill.
      • He cut open a bun and spread it with butter.
      • Apparently he had cut them rather deeply in several places, but not enough to sever anything vital.
      • My thumb still hurt from when I cut it open.
      • Last week, I cut my finger quite deeply while I was cleaning one of the food slicers.
      • He believes the problem started when someone armed with a Stanley knife took to cutting tyres.
      • As she tried to fend him off, her hands were cut with the knife.
      • The businessman recounted how he was interrogated and arrested after his sword replica - too dull to cut an apple - was mistaken for a knife.
      • Betsy had already begun to cut open the wound enough to get the bullet out.
      • I cut my right index finger on something or other.
      • Now I know it is wrong to give water to a person who has fainted or to cut open the wound to bleed out the poison from the body of a snakebite victim.
      • From a safety perspective it is a good idea to wear safety glasses or goggles and heavy-duty work gloves to prevent you from cutting your hands and fingers.
      • His hand was all torn up, gashes ran across his fingers and his palm was cut deeply.
      • Children watching might believe that cutting their index fingers with knives is a ‘cool’ thing to do.
      • She cut her index finger on the last one and her hand flew to her mouth immediately.

    • 2.2(cause pain)

      (remark/scorn) herir

  • 3

    • 3.1(trim)

      (hair/nails) cortar
      (grass/corn) cortar
      (grass/corn) segar
      to get one's hair cut cortarse el pelo
      • Who cuts their grass or trims their hedge in winter?
      • Her makeup was sensible, and her wheat blond hair was cut very fashionably.
      • She had a good figure, and her light brown hair was cut about neck length, the style in the area.
      • As part of the prize she spent last Tuesday morning in the Tony and Guy hair studios in Dublin where her long dark hair was cut and styled.
      • The little girl's long blond hair had to be cut to release her from the wreckage.
      • He had cut his long brown hair so that it was now barely over his ears.
      • Residents in these areas had to wait until the second week of August this year for grass to be cut and the estates brought up to basic standard.
      • They asked for new bollards, for footpaths, for ramps - and for the grass to be cut regularly and properly.
      • The only thing my mum asked me to do was cut the grass.
      • The grass was not being cut and there were many outstanding issues.
      • To make hay the grass has to be cut, allowed to dry, turned to let the sun dry it thoroughly and then baled and taken to the barn.
      • And now one resident in the estate has had to resort to cutting the two-foot high grass with a scythe just to let his son and the other youngsters in the estate play.
      • The grass should be cut often and the dead foliage taken away every other day.
      • A man went to a barber-shop to have his hair and his beard cut as always.
      • Just across from the entrance to the grounds the grass is being cut on the public space.
      • She cut her hair really short, I mean shorter than most of the guys.
      • Give him a job cutting the grass at the school or working as a janitor.
      • However, this growth must be cut at a lower height and incorporated after cutting.
      • When the flowers start to deteriorate, I cut the planting back short and it comes again.
      • And the process seemed to take on an almost spiritual significance - as if we were not only cutting our hair, but ritually severing our links with civilisation.

    • 3.2(in dressmaking)

      (dress/trousers) cortar
      • I had a low cut polo shirt along with a denim mini skirt and silver pumps.
      • Sara struggled into tight jeans and a low cut shirt that was also too tight.
      • He also knows how to cut a killer coat, while still remaining true to his vision.
      • She designs and cuts every dress herself, and has a tailor and two helpers.
      • I loved my bathing suit: a French cut bikini with a red and black checkerboard design.
      • Dresses are sometimes cut on the biases, giving them that romantic gypsy flair.
      • On one hand you ask if your socks should be the same colour as your shorts, then you ask if low cut socks are fashionable!
      • In honor of her betrothal the neckline had been cut lower than she had ever worn before.
      • The garment back pattern can now be cut on the fold, so alter the pattern cutting layout if necessary.
      • Her cerulean wool suit, finely cut and quite modern, gave her a bit of a sophisticated air.
      • To get the most out of your purchase, stick to classic cuts like waist and ¾ length.
      • In terms of style, my suggestion is to opt for a pair of jeans cut, boot fit leather pants.
      • I was wearing a black tank top and low cut faded blue jeans and I had a spike belt, leather watch and silver chain.
      • She was never associated with skimpy bathing suits, low cut gowns and short dresses.
      • My prospective sister-in-law was twenty years of age, wore tight mini skirts and low cut blouses.
      • Man Power is a story of cool cut suits and separates that focus on strong masculine lines.
      • They power dress in stern, cut suits, usually in dark colours such as black, grey or navy.
      • She arrived in a beautiful green gown, cut low in the bodice, tight in the waist, and with a flaring soft skirt.
      • Most of the male swimmers continued to wear the traditional brief cut suits until just this year.
      • The latest Nike collection for summer offers simple cut, practical design and more colours this year.

    • 3.3(carve, shape)

      (glass/stone) tallar
      his finely cut features sus delicadas facciones

    • 3.4(make)

      (key) hacer
      (hole) hacer
      (disc) grabar coloquial
      • Eventually, firefighters cut a hole in the main floor to gain access.
      • He looked around, and cut a hole in the corner of the bag with his knife.
      • We proceeded to cut a hole in the fence and climb through.
      • He had said that they were to cut a hole in the floor and crawl under the floorboards to escape.
      • Who would want to cut a hole in the ice and dive beneath it, when you can go to the tropics and do it without a drysuit?
      • The burglars got into the rear yard of a neighbouring property and cut a hole in a fence through to the back yard of Hussey and Greenhow.
      • In order to provide fish for her to eat, the son cut a hole in the center of a breadfruit tree growing outside her house.
      • Use a small saber saw to cut a hole in the top of each pumpkin; clean them out, and save one of the pumpkin tops.
      • Do we cut a hole in our water supply pipe, and drip chemicals into it?
      • Meanwhile, cut a hole in the centre of each slice of bread, about two inches in diameter.
      • They had been using the knife from the guard to cut a hole in the net.
      • Cut out a round of greaseproof paper the same size as the saucepan and cut a hole in the centre to allow excess steam to escape.
      • The students were given the option to cut any type of shape, an object or abstract.
      • Then cut an empty picture frame from thick card and lay it over the paint.
      • Police are hunting the thieves, who cut a big hole in the fence to get to the aluminium.
      • Paul took it off our hands, cut a big hole in the side, clean it out and bingo - a brand new bullet-proof hide.
      • Multi-purpose scissors are also a useful tool for cutting these shapes.
      • The buttons of the true aloha shirt were cut from coconut shell.
      • He continued to make his incision until he had cut a patch around the rectangular object.
      • Leaves of various shapes and sizes were cut from green construction paper.
      • A new road had been cut through the quarry wall to a tidy waterside quay.
      • He had found the path, cut through the forest, followed the trail of pebbles and watched the signs leading to nowhere.
      • They followed riverbeds and paths cut through the mountainous terrain for the Indonesian army.
      • Not a tree marred the landscape of endless yellow and there was no path cut through the jungle of grass.
      • Where the water had once come to an abrupt end at Failsworth, a new channel was cut through the path of the town's Co-op supermarket.
      • Head of the council's Road Design Office, Tim Fitzgerald, said the surveys involved cutting trenches near the route of the new highway to resolve any
      • Trees scratched at me as I cut through the branches, sweeping them from my path.
      • Another twin-bore tunnel is being cut eastwards from Stratford to Dagenham.
      • Sometimes a cave will cut through a headland to become a tunnel, opening out to become an arch, and when the arch eventually collapses a stack is left.
      • The round table sessions though, cut through theory and get to the heart of the issues surrounding theatre in Canada.
      • It needed some spinach, a few hot chillis, black olives, capers, something, anything, to cut through the cheese.
      • ‘It took us two hours to cut through the brambles to get to the house,’ she says.
      • Their outhalf scored a fine try on 30 minutes when they won a scrum against the head and he cut through the Port defence.
      • When iconic images are tied to compelling content, they can still cut through our frenzied visual landscape
      • The mayor could be independent of party politics, which would certainly cut through some of the backroom machinations.
      • In past storms, it has taken up to three days just to cut through the drifts.
      • The vinegar is a bit sharp and cuts through the other flavors.
      • The 52 miles long main canal was cut from the Kennet and Avon at Semington to the Thames at Abingdon and was opened in 1810.
      • The first attempt to cut the Panama Canal was abandoned after thousands had died from yellow fever.
      • A bugle sounded loudly, cutting through the peaceful silence.
      • It was a formidable engineering feat, for the line had to be cut through 420 km.
      • Many singers and music directors are being roped in to cut the albums for political parties and potential candidates.
      • From what I’ve been able to dig up Turner cut the album in his home studio.
      • The performers posed for a photocall after cutting the single.
      • The single was cut in secret and sold 1.5 million copies within days of its release.
      • They signed a publishing deal and cut tracks with seven or eight producers, unable to find one that fit both of their styles.
      • Even two songs cut with hot producer Gavin Brown and ace keyboardist Richard Bell are merely passable.

  • 4EEUU

    (check) extender
  • 5

    • 5.1(excavate)

      to cut sth (into sth)
      • a tunnel cut into the mountain
      • a pattern cut into the glass

    • 5.2(mine)

      (coal) extraer
      • We decided to use cutting equipment to cut away the section of the fence that had pierced him so he could be taken to hospital.
      • McKeon's natural stone is cut from limestone beds laid down 250 million years ago.
      • Blocks of ice were cut from ponds and lakes on the estate and stacked between layers of straw.
      • At each time point a leaf of the same age/stage was cut from each tree.
      • He explained that they were the sites where millstones were cut from the outcrops of Millstone Grit.
      • Individual garnets were cut from selected samples, crushed in a mortar and pestle and sieved.
      • Two leaves were cut from each plant and carefully placed in polypropylene centrifuge tubes.
      • The log was cut from a red oak, and burned all of Christmas Eve and some would burn it all day on Christmas Day also.
      • Five segments were cut from each leaf and several cells in each segment were analysed.
      • While the stallion was still tranquilised, excess growth was cut from its hooves.
      • Whenever a new one is needed, it is simply cut from the nearest tree and the old line and hook is attached to its tip.
      • The sods are cut from the ground first and then when the event is over and the council have removed the debris, the sods are replaced.
      • This is one of those cars which feels that it was cut from a solid piece of metal, rather than one conventionally assembled.
      • The tape then shows him being executed, his head being cut off with a large knife.
      • With a large, heavy knife cut the kernels off close to the cob, in a strip down one side.
      • Conventional wisdom says sunflowers can be cut as soon as the petals begin unfurling.
      • Dan Sampson said the alleged thief disguised the horse by cutting off its mane.
      • He cuts a long, fat fillet from the fish and lays it skin-down on a fresh plank of wood - birch, he tells me.
      • Before this royal residence was demolished, however, its fifty-six bas-reliefs were cut out of the walls and stored throughout the palace.
      • Cllr Gleeson says farmers have no objection to people cutting off twigs of holly, but they don't want to see trees cut down.
      • Chops cut from the rib portion of the loin are appropriately called rib chops.

  • 6

    (level/number) reducir
    (budget) recortar
    (price/rate) rebajar
    (price/rate) reducir
    (education/service/workforce) hacer recortes en
    the journey time has been cut by half la duración del trayecto se ha reducido a la mitad
    • At the moment she is preparing for her tough task by cutting down on the amount of tea she drinks.
    • First, it cuts down on the amount of free time kids spend without supervision.
    • But with nobody coming forward to take over the business, the only way forward seemed to be cutting the opening hours.
    • A decision was made earlier this year to cut the weekend opening hours to save cash.
    • Both sides should cut their subsidies deeply, or axe them altogether.
    • Many campaigners believe the biggest way to cut salt is to target food and drink manufacturers.
    • That is why 180 nations assembled in The Hague in November to try and agree a set of tools for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
    • The usual tool is to cut interest rates which usually serves as a disincentive to saving and encourages people to borrow.
    • The number of daily services from Edinburgh to London City route was cut from 27 to 18.
    • The wait for new phones was cut from six weeks to less than a week for most customers.
    • She quit as long term supply teacher when her hours were cut from two-and-a-half days a week to just Friday mornings.
    • In the revised plan, the number of hotel rooms was also cut from 440 rooms to a maximum of 360.
    • Virtually the entire rail network ground to a halt as daily services were cut from 320 to 20 trains.
    • Services may be cut and charges raised as Tewkesbury Borough Council aims to keep next year's council tax bills as low as possible.
    • Small traders have come up with a series of suggestions to help City of York Council raise extra cash so parking charges can be cut.
    • Income tax was to be cut and domestic rates abolished along with road tax.
    • Rochdale's police chief has criticised a decision to cut jobs within the division.
    • They said the company could cut staff both in its core business and its software division.
    • Two separate schemes to cut the number of accidents and injuries on South Yorkshire's roads have been unveiled.
    • Plans to improve health, cut crime and create more jobs have been pledged as part of a long term vision for Rossendale.
  • 7

    • 7.1(shorten)

      (text) acortar

    • 7.2(remove)

      (scene) cortar
      • Scenes with a mechanical shark had to be cut, because it did not look believable enough.
      • You lot do know that one of the key scenes was cut from the theatrical release, right?
      • These excerpts were ultimately cut from the final script.
      • Much music was cut from Act Two, which only makes it seem more sporadic and disheveled than ever.
      • We mentioned the Make History Poverty campaign, which I gather was cut from the show when it was broadcast on TV.
      • They're nice set pieces, but it's easy to see why they were cut from the final print.
      • I assume a large chunk of the two older actors was cut from the third act to make it move faster.
      • It was cut from the US versions, but the entire sequence is intact here for fans to finally see.
      • None of these is very funny, and it's easy to see why they were cut from the televised performance.
      • By cutting some of these characters, the movie would have lost a few moments of hilarity, but gained a tighter, more streamlined feel.
      • The actor said he was ‘shocked’ to learn that his scenes have been cut out of the movie.
      • There were a few times when jokes were cut out of a rerun because, for example, they were about someone who had died since the show originally aired.
      • Funny how we are allowed to see really, really violent scenes, but swear words are cut out of other films.
      • But when something has to be cut, usually the jokes are cut out.
      • Yet the British Board of Film Classification is to give it just an 18, provided a scene is cut out where, in a flashback to his youth, the man is playing ‘doctors and nurses ‘with a girl of about six.’
      • All I can say is that all the material that makes up this second film was cut out of the main film with good reason.
      • She got me involved doing a lot of research and even had me to proof the piece when she had to cut a hundred words from it.
      • There were a bunch of things in the film that we cut, but we tried it and then looked at it with different people.
      • I wish that Paramount had included some of the scenes cut before the film reached theatres.
      • Both films' directors were out of the country when the studios involved cut the films sharply.

    • 7.3(edit)

      (censors) hacer cortes en
      • As we speak he is cutting his 18th feature film.
      • Frankly, when I was cutting the movie, it was so great to be able to cut from good fun stuff with Eva and Will and then jump to scenes with Kevin and Will.
      • They cut all these pieces together and made it look like a big orgy.
      • We did the interviews separately then cut them when we knew what the story was going to be about.
      • I shot 150 hours of material and spent seven months cutting the film.
      • Movies written, set and shot in Scotland are sent elsewhere to be cut, printed and marketed.
      • He also continues to cut on film, a noticeable deviation from the industry standard of nonlinear digital editing.
      • Davies has an edit suite at home and cuts together match footage to analyse.
      • She also talked about how the movie was cut so that it wouldn't be as bloody.

  • 8

    he's cutting his teeth le están saliendo los dientes
  • 9

    (deck) cortar
    • The pack is shuffled and cut and 16 cards each are dealt singly as before.
    • Players cut for the deal, and whoever cuts the highest card becomes the first dealer.
    • The cards are shuffled, cut, and dealt, usually three at a time, but this is not imperative.
    • The cards are shuffled and cut, and are all dealt out, one at a time, so that everyone has 13 cards.
    • The player to the left of the dealer can choose not to cut, but simply tap the cards.
    • The dealer shuffles and offers the cards to the player on the right to cut if he or she wishes to.
    • The cards are not normally shuffled between hands - they are just gathered together, cut and dealt.
    • Forgetting to offer the cards to be cut, or any kind of misdeal is a fault.
    • With the other deck shuffled twice, cut once, and put face up in a topless box, the deal begins.
    • The dealer may look at the bottom card of the pack after it has been cut.
  • 10

    • The line cuts the horizontal axis at 11.4.
    • This line cuts the vertical axis below the horizontal axis.
  • 11coloquial

    • 11.1(not attend)

      to cut school hacer novillos coloquial
      • Girls showed up for the photography workshop without fail, even when they cut school.
      • One problem is that after cutting class, the teenager faces powerful temptations to misbehave.
      • I got in trouble for cutting school, staying out late, lying about detention and lying about homework.
      • He cuts classes and gets into fights.

  • 12coloquial

    • 12.1(cease)

      cut the sob story! ¡deja de quejarte!
      • cut the wisecracks! ¡basta ya de bromas!

    • 12.2(switch off)

      (engine/lights) apagar
      • Finally, he cut the two remaining engines, and they rolled silently to a stop.
      • After about 10 minutes, we would gather at the stern, the engines would be cut and the service would commence.
      • He was sixth for a long time, but lost the place after accidentally cutting off the engine whilst trying to de-mist his windscreen.
      • I'm about to cut the light off when I see the studio portrait on top of the dresser.
      • The boat turned in close and glided past, its engines cut.
      • Their engines, too, can be cut with the flick of a remote control switch.

  • 13coloquial

    to cut sth with sth mezclar algo con algo
    cortar algo con algo
    • He says drugs are sometimes cut with other substances like talcum powder and the bag could simply have been mislabelled.
    • It was speculated that this novice dealer was cutting the cocaine he sold with amphetamine due to his existing belief that that is what he was supposed to do.
    • They do this by cutting the drugs with other powders, showing no respect for the people who take the drug.
    • The problem with obtaining LSD is that so much of it is impure; either weak or heavily cut with speed.
    • There has been an influx of magic mushrooms cut with toadstools.
    • Police also discovered equipment in the cellar for cutting and mixing the drugs, including a press for compressing the heroin.

verbo intransitivo cutting, cut, cut

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (knife/scissors) cortar
      to cut into sth
      • the rope cut into her wrists
      • to cut loose
      • he cut loose with a string of insults

    • 1.2

      (words) herir
      her remarks cut deep sus palabras lo hirieron en lo más vivo

    • 1.3(be cuttable)

      it cuts easily se corta fácilmente

  • 2

    Cine Radio
    cut! ¡corte(n)!
    • cut to the street la escena pasa a la calle
    • For example, if a character is tracking the inward flight of an asteroid on a radar screen, we cut to a shot of the radar screen.
    • Then, in a remarkable shot, we cut to her point of view of Ray sitting in the driver's seat.
    • I really hadn't been paying attention to the news, until they cut to a shot from the news chopper.
    • The film cuts to another shot, showing it without snow.
    • The shot cuts back to Hal, who looks bewildered, and glances back towards Rosemary.
    • Suddenly we cut to a boy playing football and - briefly at least - there was sound.
    • But then we cut to another, calamitous stage in their relationship.
    • France, a former Newsweek reporter, juggles dozens of story lines, cutting quickly from scene to scene to achieve cinematic momentum.
    • The film cuts to a flashback of Susan aged four drawing with a blue crayon.
    • From here the film cuts to 1973 and William is a young teenager with an encyclopedic knowledge and appreciation of music.
    • Then the film cuts to what we assume might be the dawn of the next morning.
    • The film cuts away before we can bear witness to the crime.
    • The film cuts immediately to Vera and her husband in a cinema, laughing at a comedy.
    • Instead, the film cuts to some months ahead as Everett encounters Beechum at a local shopping mall.
    • Leigh cuts away and ends the scene before Vera says anything, suggesting there's not much that she could have said.
    • Near the end of Natural Born Killers, he cuts to a montage of real footage of well-known news events.
    • When the film cuts to the woman answering the phone, a new actress, wearing different clothes, is substituted in.
    • The action in the film cuts between the two sets of lovers.
    • The film cuts back and forth, feeding us tiny bits of information in a curious fashion.
    • The film keeps cutting back from the snow to the real-life protagonists as they relive their experience.
    • Jon will say his line and we'll cut there. You ready? Let's get in position.
    • The actor waits - in vain - for his director to call out ‘Cut!’
    • As soon as I recovered from my shock, I yelled ‘Cut!’ and rushed up to Ria and Erwin.
    • But no one yelled cut and I said to myself, ’I'm just an actress, I'm gonna keep on walking until someone tells me to stop.’
    • O.K., let's cut right there for a second.
    • The director on the Japanese movie didn't always call cut, he'd keep shooting after the sequence and she'd always follow.
  • 3

    (in cards)
  • 4

    (lines) cortarse


  • 1

    (flowers) cortado
    (glass) tallado
  • 2Britanico coloquial

    tomado América Latina coloquial