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chaqué, n.

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(cutaway coat)
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    chaqué masculino
    • Gavin Lawrence as the Interlocutor in The Last Minstrel Show is sleek, sly, and not at all reassuring in his oversized cutaway coat, pin-striped pants, white spats, and Cheshire grin.
    • You can also choose a cutaway jacket, which is usually worn with a morning suit or a standard tuxedo.
    • If wearing a cutaway suit or stroller (semi-formal suit jacket), wear black pants without the satin stripe going down the sides, or even gray or gray and black pinstriped pants.
    • There was the disco fabulousness of Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha and Frida, resplendent in their white suits, pearlescent eye-shadow and cutaway catsuits.
    • Its length was shortened, then its skirts were fastened back, then it became cutaway at the front; it grew a collar and sprouted epaulettes.
    • The lights go down, the curtain comes up and we're back in variety, all caked panstick, female dancers in fishnet tights and cutaway tunics, high kicks, sequins and sparkles.
    • A morning or daytime wedding can call for a gray morning suit cutaway (morning coat that is short in front and long in back) with a striped tie.
    • Over in Paris, at Dior, Silmane, fresh with the authority of youth, shows jackets swept back over the hips like cutaways.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de cutaway en español

: cutaway1cutaway2


Pronunciación /ˈkədəˌweɪ/ /ˈkʌtəweɪ/


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    con un corte transversal que deja ver el interior de algo
    • As a ten-year-old, he remembers seeing a book with cutaway diagrams of the earth, and wondering, ‘how do they know that?’
    • All my life I've pored over books, studying cutaway diagrams, hungry to understand how things worked.
    • The cornerstone of any Salamander book, however, is the illustrations - both the pictures of aircraft types and the excellent cutaway drawings.
    • In addition, the book includes a two-page cutaway drawing of the Sabre and a page of specifications and performance notes.
    • Below, a cutaway drawing shows the motor mechanism.
    • We've probably all seen pictures of cutaway barrels that are packed solid and I've even seen a long .38 barrel with seven or eight bullets - indicating the shooter reloaded and kept going.
    • While it used to take several seconds to generate a single cutaway view in a complex freeform model, you can now view them just about instantly by dynamically scrolling and rotating a plane forward and backward through an object.
    • World-renowned technical artist David Kimble was hired to chronicle development of both the Intrepid racecar and its mighty 5.9L engine, for a series of cutaway illustrations.
    • A cutaway look at the seating layout which has 36 variations
    • As this cutaway shows, feed water comes in from the upper left, travels through the outlet heat exchanger, and across to the exhaust gas heat exchanger.
    • It will have a cutaway section so you can see how the crater was originally shaped because it's got a lot of silt and infill in it - 50,000 years is a long time.
    • Figure 6 shows examples of both a complete concretion and a polished cutaway section that shows the radial structure and dark center.
    • His drawings feature annotated cutaways of fierce reptilian creatures revealing inner organs that serve various destructive purposes.
    • A model of Le Surcouf, built in 1954, offers a cutaway view of a submarine active in World War fi that identifies the various operating systems, weaponry, and interior compartments.
    • Titled Mining on the Comstock, it shows a cluster of industrial buildings and, beneath them, a cutaway view of a multistory mine.
    • Measure and Cut Framework: Cut the 2x4 frame for under the stringers as show in this exploded cutaway view.
    • The white lines also suggest eccentrically arranged floors and walls, as if the painting were a cutaway view of a multistory house.
    • I read this book over and over, and there is one beautiful cutaway picture of a cell, beautifully airbrushed in bright colors.
    • In a cutaway view of a cartridge case, we can see that the bottom of the primer pocket is quite thin compared to the rest of the base.
    • All those cutaway views of cell structures are so much more vivid when represented in a realistic three dimensional view.