Traducción de cute en español:


mono, adj.

Pronunciación /kjut/ /kjuːt/

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adjetivo cuter, cutest

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    (baby/face) mono coloquial
    (baby/face) cuco coloquial
    (baby/face) rico Cono Sur coloquial
    • And I haven't had any luck attracting cute little kittens to the window.
    • Attractive subjects are cute animals, pretty women, nice landscapes, interesting portraits.
    • Her sweet voice and cute, large eyes attracted most people.
    • The contribution of these experienced taste-makers has been evident since deliveries of their cute tweed jackets and pretty camisoles first hit Gap branches last autumn.
    • Snowflakes in glassine envelopes are pretty cute.
    • There is an endearing bunch of cute and funny characters.
    • Of course, holding my beer and smudged in black grease, I had to pass some snide comment over the irony, and got a pretty cute smile for my efforts.
    • And the thing about lemurs is they pretty much define cute.
    • It's a very modern city, with very pretty people in very pretty and cute clothes walking busily around.
    • Expect a shrine to him some day in the future on my fotopage, he's a pretty cute kid.
    • And isn't there something about the way her facial makeup makes her nose look almost flattened at the end, like a cute little kitten?
    • Summer and Marissa looking gorgeous in a pretty skirt and very cute dress both by Burning Torch.
    • Romeo looked so cute with his hair sticking out from underneath his beanie.
    • After I woke up you looked so cute with ruffled hair and your sweet smile.
    • He laughed, and I noticed that he had really cute dimples.
    • He smiled down at me, two very cute dimples appearing on his cheeks.
    • As I reached Main Street, all I could think was how cute and charming it looked.
    • People are still worshipping cute fluffy kittens in direct contradiction to the UN Resolution 1441.
    • I had woken Zeke up and he had then given me a cute smile.
    • The baby wore a cute blue outfit with a teddy bear covering his bottom.
  • 2EEUU

    a cute guy un tipo guapo
    • she's really cute! ¡es guapísima!
  • 3EEUU

    vivo América Latina coloquial
    • The first time I heard about the Slow Food movement, recently arrived on our shores from its native Italy, I thought the whole idea sounded cute.
    • Once Slatkin stepped a bit on the pedal, it worked out very nicely and the trumpet call from the wings was at least a cute idea.
    • But, you know, my mom and my dad told me about this show, and I just thought it was such a cute idea.
    • A cute idea is to spell out your friends name in glitter, and randomly spread rhinestones around it.
    • There are some cute ideas here - like glasses that keep things cold for a long time.
    • It's a cute idea that invariably entrances young children, hence the longevity of this work through the ages.
    • I saw a very cute idea done on a mini tree that would work well for rosemary.
    • That's a cute idea, too: like most of the film, it looks better on paper.
    • This is kind of a cute idea, a theatrical tribute to the movies.
    • I have been trying to think of how I want to decorate my blog come holiday time, and I have finally come up with a cute idea.
    • Most people think they can open up a nightclub because all you need is alcohol, music, some staff, and a cute idea.
    • A cute idea if properly handled - but Hensher can never work out quite what he wants to do with it.
    • Nice to see how objectivity flies out of the window when people see a cute idea.
    • For that moment, her coquettish cleverness and quick, cute remarks melted away.
    • Some of the sketches depict the cute mental mnemonics that Penrose employs to keep ideas clearly in his mind.
    • It's not with Microsoft, not with Nokia, and if it's cute and quick, it has a shot at re-establishing itself as a leader.
    • It's pretty cute, you mark where you come from on the map, with a little person-icon you choose.
    • Kris and I just finished watching Mean Girls, which I thought was a pretty cute movie.
    • She had to admit, the two vertical dashes and the bracket-turned-on-its-side made a pretty cute smiley face.
    • It's got its own differences and twists here and there and it's actually a pretty cute story.
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