Translation of cutesy in Spanish:


cursi, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkjutsi/ /ˈkjuːtsi/

adjective cutesier, cutesiest

  • 1

    • Again, this helps to make the relationship between Ken and Sora less cutesy and more sweet.
    • Worse, Filler constantly breaks into cutesy song snippets, a habit that grows less endearing every time it happens.
    • Though Puffy's image is occasionally cutesy, the singers themselves didn't play up the cute.
    • And speaking of cutesy, it feels impossible to resist calling it the I'm Okay, I'm Okay of modern times.
    • That level of commerce, supported by cutesy advertisements, is driven by profits, not a desire to keep baby bums dry or to give parents more time.
    • THQ, normally famed for cutesy Disney titles such as Finding Nemo, has entered into the dark world of adult gaming with this gritty adaptation.
    • At which point, wise old Mork gave one of his annoyingly cutesy little smiles, and you realised that he had been teaching those kids a Valuable Life Lesson all along.
    • It was unsigned, without even the usual cutesy pseudonym.
    • No, I don't think a cutesy cartoon name would suit this car.
    • For one, I cringe at the idea of posing for a cutesy People picture which would run below a less-than-warm review.
    • The album is about a dog with authoritarian tendencies, which alone makes it dangerously cutesy - but even worse, much worse is the singing.
    • Every August we must come up with cutesy, funny, witty, ingenious and/or lively headlines with the word World in them.
    • The cutesy, mincing vocals are dotted with ill-advised wailing and occasional outright mimicry of dudes like Beck.
    • It sounds really corporate, but just think about it for a minute - if you were building a site about hamsters, then you might do something kind of cutesy.
    • Everything is smart and sarcastic and divisive and nasty and cutesy.
    • Paint over any cutesy motifs, such as kittens or silly flowers, on furniture - paint is super cheap!
    • This film veers wildly from horror to cutesy romantic comedy.
    • The second flaw has to do with the film's conclusion, which kind of subverts the film's entire premise and makes it way too cutesy.
    • Tegan and Sara's voices are equally cutesy but while one is cosy and hopeful, the other is only a kitten-heeled step away from a bolshy banshee.
    • But there's no real-life pianist savant here, no cutesy romance, no saving grace.