Translation of CV in Spanish:



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    • Use your time to prepare your CV and to research other vacancies.
    • Note down the name of the companies that make the programmes you watch and send them your CV.
    • Requests for a photo along with the CV, though frowned upon by the Employment Service, have become common.
    • Your CV is the one part of the job-seeking process over which you have total control.
    • I've been given help with my CV and picked up interview and phone skills.
    • Visitors looking for a job are advised to bring copies of their CV and dress to impress.
    • I had a meeting in Rome to which I took my photos and my CV.
    • If you've been out of work and on benefits for five years, a quick session down the job centre and a new CV just isn't going to cut it.
    • Go on, get writing that CV and you could end up with the job you've always wanted!
    • Sarah gets hundreds of CVs a year from graduates desperate to break into event coordination.
    • His C.V. contains a multitude of notable achievements.
    • Don't always trust CVs - always, always check references
    • I have sent my CV to five other places and hopefully I will get something out of it - at the end of the day it is all experience.