Translation of Cyber Monday in Spanish:

Cyber Monday

lunes cibernético, n.


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    (in US)
    lunes cibernético masculine
    • Their extensive database of more than 700 stores has your Cyber Monday needs covered.
    • We created a list of the five best websites to find Cyber Monday deals below.
    • Of course, the online equivalent of retail's Black Friday is Cyber Monday.
    • You can hit up Cyber Monday in your pajamas.
    • Most big online retailers now offer special Cyber Monday deals to keep the stream of sales moving along through the holiday season.
    • Retailers survived Cyber Monday, the busiest online shopping day of the year, without a major cybersecurity incident.
    • Cyber Monday, the biggest Internet shopping day of the year, happens on November 30.
    • What did help was the realization that Cyber Monday was only a couple of days away.
    • A large number of online data providers have reported on the popularity of the little mechanical hamster right after Black Friday / Cyber Monday.
    • Online shopping is now a norm, so people refer to the Monday after Thanksgiving as Cyber Monday.
    • Half of retailers will distribute promotions and deals to shoppers through a special Cyber Monday email.
    • Sophos warns consumers and businesses alike to be mindful of the risks on Cyber Monday and to utilize proper security measures.
    • Meanwhile, most of these sites were again busy on Cyber Monday, the first of the week following Black Friday.
    • If you want to keep your Cyber Monday search simple (and potentially faster), start here.
    • As more people count on Cyber Monday for big deals on holiday shopping, smaller retailers face stiff competition from big-box stores.
    • For those new to the internet, Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday, where internet retailers offer deals for desk slaves.
    • However, for the last two years, Cyber Monday - the Monday following Black Friday - has become the most popular shopping day for online consumers.
    • Cyber Monday, the less hyped effect of online shoppers taking advantage of post-Black Friday bargains, has become a major shopping day in its own right.