Traducción de cyberpunk en español:


género ciberpunk, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsaɪbərˌpəŋk/ /ˈsʌɪbəpʌŋk/


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    (science fiction)
    género ciberpunk masculino
    • It's this sinister sparkle that has drawn me to the genre of cyberpunk in fiction, film, and even to an extent in music, for many years.
    • The emphasis is on rebuilding society, rather than cyberpunk's appetite for destruction.
    • What is the difference between playing pinball games and video games, snowboarding and surfing, or reading cyberpunk vs. traditional science fiction?
    • The resulting sub-genre, cyberpunk, broke from old-school science fiction by focusing on all-pervasive quantum-based technologies such as genetic engineering and microprocessing.
    • It differs from cyberpunk in that cyberpunk was not a product of technologically savvy authors.
    • Its design incorporates ideas from cyberpunk and film noir; its plot embraces our fears about genetic manipulation and man/machine conflict.
    • Sentimental and religious motifs, which are paradoxically powerful in Russian cyberpunk, sometimes lend this work characteristics of autoparody.
    • With No Maps, Neale more or less becomes cyberpunk's Errol Morris, a documentary filmmaker who likes his subjects to do the talking while he, armed with a low budget and high aspirations, attempts to visually literalize their speech.
    • The genres, however, include a variety of subgenres, such as cyberpunk, punk, funk, dramatised Western style, goth, lolita, and warmono.
    • In Neuro, it will be the world of sci-fi and cyberpunk.
    • In defense of our approach, I would say only that ours can include the modern primitives, and also include Zen, Sufism, The Troubadours, western anarchism, cyberpunk, punk rock, cubism, Voltaire, ad infinitum.
    • Then, in the mid-80s, just as cyberpunk came along, I got a job as a computer programmer and walked away from the sects and finished my thesis, and within a short time was organising an SF club at work and writing The Star Fraction.
    • So, this oversight is unfortunate - to compensate, readers should check out Leonard's excellent essay on cyberpunk in When the Kissing Had to Stop.
    • You can become a cyborg, get involved in Cyber Rights, cyberdemocracy, cyberpunk, cyberdrama, even cyberpsychology.
    • It was a fun mix of futuristic cyberpunk and western.
    • This is where Spinoza converges with cyberpunk, and hence with Deleuze-Guattari, cyberpunk's main theoretical program.
    • On the other hand, it is extremely enjoyable to read especially if you like techno-fiction and are in the mood for some tongue-in-cheek cyberpunk.
    • It reminded us that, for all the California-Wired-Hollywood bluster, cyberpunk was essentially a British invention, synthesized first through fictions and sonics then theory.
    • If you're a fan of experimental film, a fan of Lynch or Cronenberg, a fan of cyberpunk, then Tetsuo is pretty much required viewing and this, simply, is the version to view.
    • But then they are old school corporate in terms of cyberpunk.
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