Translation of cyberspace in Spanish:


ciberespacio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsaɪbərˌspeɪs/ /ˈsʌɪbəspeɪs/

Definition of ciberespacio in Spanish


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    ciberespacio masculine
    • You cannot launch missile strikes against a network that communicates in cyberspace and has no physical base.
    • It is getting to the point where companies are globalising and chasing spot markets in cyberspace.
    • We need to start from the basic principle that cyberspace is not separate from real space, and so each state can have its own laws and codes.
    • There is no good way to negotiate a fair contract in cyberspace.
    • The Council of Europe has released a draft of a proposed treaty on crime in cyberspace.
    • It aimed to embarrass them in cyberspace and collect more than $700,000 in unpaid tickets.
    • Since the company's launch, and steep ascent into cyberspace, I had left my friends and family behind.
    • Trouble is, these allegations have been floating around cyberspace for a few years and are entirely untrue.
    • Should we feel pleased that our government is protecting our reputation in cyberspace?
    • Nevertheless, a prime piece of cyberspace seems to be controlled by a maverick whose wishes are more blue than red.
    • Make no mistake this is a bitter and tragic conflict but the real damage is happening on the streets, not in cyberspace.
    • You can't go through a day in cyberspace without committing at least one felony and a host of misdemeanors.
    • One of the big problems in cyberspace is the lack of workable analogies.
    • People's social habits, or lack thereof, also affect their interest in cyberspace.
    • It would seem judges can't help themselves in their bid to establish a precedent in cyberspace.
    • The basis for this decision potentially undermines the ability to contract in cyberspace.
    • Poor people are the fastest growing American group in cyberspace, a survey claims.
    • As long as this is an unsettled legal question, the concept of cyberspace will be a relevant one.
    • Now it's a lot easier to listen than it is to send your own audio programs into cyberspace.
    • Imagine living in a town where you're able to move your laptop from one place to the next without ever having to log off from cyberspace.