Translation of cycle lane in Spanish:

cycle lane

carril para bicicletas, n.


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    carril para bicicletas masculine
    • A cycle lane, access roads and improvements to junctions will be built into the scheme, scheduled to take a total of 15 years.
    • The creation of a contra-flow cycle lane in Wimbledon town centre has been struck out of proposals to improve traffic conditions.
    • He also wanted to know why a wider cycle lane had not been painted on Fishergate, as had been promised.
    • There are many instances where drivers have not given cyclists enough room, pedestrians have walked out into the road in front of cyclists or vehicles have obstructed a cycle lane.
    • There has been a further call for the provision of a cycle lane on the West Road, which is a popular area for walkers and cyclists.
    • There is room for both a cycle lane and two traffic lanes at this point.
    • On one occasion I almost killed a cyclist who had to swerve out of the cycle lane to avoid a car parked in the lane during restricted hours.
    • Parents are blocking a cycle lane and parking on double yellow lines to drop off and pick up their children at school.
    • The agency said the work will improve road safety, especially for cyclists who will get their own cycle lane.
    • Whether a cycle lane is beneficial to cyclists is doubtful as there are cars parked in the cycle lane most of the time.
    • There would be room for a cycle lane on almost all our roads.
    • She believes a cycle lane and proper pathway should be made on the road to the school to make it safer for all parents and children.
    • At the same time as the work is being carried out on the lights, Folds Road will be slightly widened for a cycle lane.
    • I feel a lot safer on the way to the station than on the return journey, which does not have a cycle lane.
    • I have even nearly been knocked off my bike by a driver who decided not to wait behind a car turning right but drove not only across the cycle lane but the pavement as well.
    • The wide path is clearly and distinctly divided into two halves - one half for pedestrians and the other half as a cycle lane.
    • The current footpath, little used by pedestrians, is more than wide enough to accommodate a cycle lane.
    • A cycle lane is also to be provided, as are bays for bus stops and goods vehicles.
    • The provision of a cycle lane should also be considered in tandem with a footpath for Maypark Lane.
    • The shopping centre grounds will be landscaped, incorporating a cycle lane and pedestrian walkways.