Traducción de cyclist en español:


ciclista, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsaɪkləst/ /ˈsʌɪklɪst/

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    ciclista masculino, femenino
    • He became a keen cyclist and had a bicycle specially made for the end-to-end challenge.
    • So I started to cycle as fast as I could and soon began to catch up with the other cyclists.
    • Because cyclists burn so much energy we have to eat high energy food such as pasta.
    • The German cyclist tested positive for amphetamines in June while recovering from a knee injury.
    • There is a place for off-road cycle lanes, but cyclists have the right to use the road as much as anyone else.
    • Mr Kind wants the road repaired so that it can be safely used by pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.
    • All this bellicosity towards cyclists is based on the notion that every bike is ridden by a maniac on two wheels.
    • A keen cyclist is to live out his dream by riding across the finish line of the Tour de France.
    • Bury has numerous cycle lanes and special facilities for cyclists including parking in the town.
    • Whether a cycle lane is beneficial to cyclists is doubtful as there are cars parked in the cycle lane most of the time.
    • The agency said that at some point cyclists had to leave the new cycle path to join the carriageway.
    • Increasing the number of cyclists is a straightforward way of making cycling much safer.
    • There is nothing to stop cyclists using the pavement if they walk with their bikes.
    • Dogs do have a natural instinct to go after moving objects and may start chasing cars, cyclists or joggers.
    • Among the many things that make me nervous when driving on the roads here, joggers and cyclists are the worst.
    • Cars are driven so fast on that road that cyclists are likely to be hit by them.
    • Ask the regular cyclists, and they will chorus that the city is never friendly to them.
    • Employees are being encouraged to leave their cars at home as we have shower facilities for cyclists.
    • One of the big problems for cyclists in Australia is that drivers feel no empathy for them.
    • Moves to give cyclists new rights of way at the expense of motorists have been welcomed by a York cycling group.