Traducción de cylindrical en español:


cilíndrico, adj.

Pronunciación /səˈlɪndrɪk(ə)l/ /sɪˈlɪndrɪk(ə)l/

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    • He wore a tall cylindrical hat.
    • They sell hundreds of optical quality cylindrical lenses.
    • To the right of the entrance portico is a cylindrical tower which contains the study centre.
    • Each area contains workspaces equipped with cylindrical, mobile partitions.
    • Standing at a distance from the sculpture, we see a cylindrical container perched on a tall, square-topped, three-legged stool.
    • A gallery room was dominated by a freestanding crocheted tent - cylindrical, with a conical top.
    • The sculpture is made up of seven cylindrical blue tubes.
    • The litter bin has a stainless-steel cylindrical body with a polythene liner providing a capacity of up to 70 litres.
    • I also thought of the huge cylindrical fuel storage tanks, with stairs that circle around the outside.
    • Because the bore is cylindrical, clarinets are much cheaper to make than oboes.