Traducción de cynic en español:


cínico, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪnɪk/

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    cínico masculino
    cínica femenino
    • Modern cynics would have us believe that this turn of events was about something other than freedom.
    • It was suggested by some cynics that the real reason for the aggressive campaign was an attempt to gain a greater market share amongst public sector workers.
    • If the cynics are to be believed, the attacks were stage-managed for external consumption.
    • There is no such thing as a free trade deal, only self-interest, the cynic insists.
    • The cynic within suggests that perhaps the status quo is driven by self interest of the major parties who benefit.
    • Even such a cynic as I can't quite believe the unique blend of dishonesty and incompetence.
    • I admire the idealism and I hate to be a cynic, but these plans never take human motivations into account.
    • Some cynics say the people who subject themselves to potential humiliation on celebrity shows are doing it in hopes of reviving collapsed careers.
    • To us ageing cynics Fathers Day is just another materialistic calendar date when people spend hard earned cash on silly presents and cheap cards.
    • For some cynics, it is merely the foreign junkets and chance to travel on per diem expenses that draws the attraction of our globalised political classes.
    • Only a complete dyed-in-the-wool cynic would suggest the two events could be possibly related.
    • Inside the bitterest cynic is always a hopeless idealist.
    • Cynics argue that sports people and associations are guilty of opportunism during this time of crisis.
    • As a closet cynic, I will always question their ulterior motives when they dig into their pockets and support various causes.
    • Cynics argue that the space race was merely an expression of cold-war animosity.
    • Cynics may be forgiven for wondering if there is a correlation in some impoverished countries between the desire to be a priest and the desire to eat.
    • Cynics have suggested that his confession is an attempt to head off blame.
    • The cynic in her that questioned his motive had long been silenced.
    • An independent media source is able to be the voice of the cynic in all of us, and to ask the questions we'd all like to have answered.