Translation of cynically in Spanish:


cínicamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪnək(ə)li/ /ˈsɪnɪk(ə)li/


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    • The more cynically minded would say that an Italian contemporary music scene simply doesn't exist.
    • He cynically points out the signs posted that demand cleanliness, and offers to show us the room where spoiled meats go to be "doctored."
    • It has been cynically noted that writing about music is like dancing about architecture.
    • The huntsman relents out of pity but also cynically reminds himself that Snow White will probably be devoured by wild animals anyway.
    • "'This could've been a great place,' he laments. Looking on, David cynically responds, ' Look at it now. '
    • Manet sought honours in the Salons; Degas was cynically indifferent to public acclaim.
    • The song uncomfortably recalls the familiar Irish/English pub scene of men cynically complaining about women over their pints.
    • Given the healthy advance booking, the play knocks on the head the cynically despairing argument that all the London public wants is musicals and movie stars.
    • It's easy cynically to suggest that some artists ' career and reputation would be bolstered by their own deaths.
    • Americans have grown accustomed to cynically dismissing campaign promises peddled by politicians on the stump as pure pablum.
    • One man cynically sums up his seemingly magical ability to recruit women for his stable: "Any woman can be turned. It is all business."
    • At its best, the show cuts into many forms of televised image manipulation, cynically riffing on every news scandal of the past decade.
    • After Diomedes leaves, Cressida speaks in dismay of her own inconstancy, while, unseen, Thersites comments cynically on the whole interview.
    • The director hopes to excite the faithful and (cynically speaking), get religious bums in cinema seats.
    • He was cynically giving the audiences what they wanted and expected.
    • The singer's dominance on radio stations and in record outlets is often cynically attributed to her former relationship with the record company exec.
    • The writers offers his cynically black view on the world.
    • By cynically playing on the follies of various discontented peers and MPs, he builds a faction round the marquis.
    • If a favourite character is advertised to appear on another series then some might cynically say that it is only to boost the ratings.
    • When there are so many brand names and logos, you startcynically pondering the hypocrisy of the filmmakers, who are both slamming but also likely profiting from this blatant placement.
    • By using surveillance, the regime cynically granted my father's friend a sort of closeted freedom.
    • The teen horror film and the teen comedy are both about as shallow and cynically complacent as film genres can be.
    • The director has never made a movie cynically, i.e. just for the tie-ins.
    • The ending is no mere abrupt trick, cynically toying once again with audiences ' expectations.
    • Few, indeed, wanted to be in the army: many openly, cynically, bitterly denounced the war.
    • This is a film which knows that good films are meant to move us, but doesn't cynically tug on our heartstrings.
    • The whole affair was cynically intended to placate the reform party, while the real abuses continued.
    • Taxi is an embarrassing formula picture that is full of miscalculations and cynically milks previous material.
    • His view is that our anxiety about terrorism is hysterically out of proportion, and is cynically perpetuated by our leaders.
    • The Senator had no compunction about appealing to minority interests, cynically perhaps, but certainly effectively.