Translation of dab hand in Spanish:

dab hand


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    to be a dab hand at sth tener (buena) mano para algo
    • I've backed a few horses in my time and I'm a dab hand on the penny falls, but card games are different.
    • With the horticulture marquee, floral art marquee and display marquee, there should be something on site to appeal to every visitor, be they a dab hand in the garden or a complete novice.
    • The internationally renowned chef at Manchester's acclaimed Chinese restaurant is a dab hand at dealing with woks of boiling oil, and knows all about safety in the kitchen.
    • A seasoned seafood eater, I am a dab hand with the claw crushers and it wasn't long before bits of shell were flying all over the restaurant.
    • He was also a keen pool player and a dab hand at cards.
    • It turns out that they had received an anonymous letter claiming that I was a dab hand with photoshop and had deliberately altered the photo!
    • Even if you're a dab hand in the kitchen, it's worth writing a plan of action down in case you have a few too many sherries and lose your normal sense of control.
    • Since graduating, Mr Wildman has become a dab hand at using the Internet, word processing and especially emailing.
    • Those who are a dab hand with the paintbrush can update a piece of wooden furniture, such as a chair or side table, with jet-black gloss.
    • A founder member and honorary life member of Sutton Art Club, Ernest is surprisingly also a dab hand at cake decorating.
    • Unless you are a dab hand with sticky tape and card board cut outs, the Easter holidays can be a long break, trying to entertain the children.
    • He's a paediatrician, not a cook, but in the last year, during his stay in Malawi, he's become a dab hand around the kitchen.
    • Unlike his dad, Kyle is a prolific striker and is also a dab hand at golf.
    • Margery worked as a clerk for British Rail and was a dab hand at shorthand and typing.
    • John was a dab hand at transport and logistics and I was an expert with maps.
    • The young chef is a dab hand at chargrilled beef with square-cut chips and watercress sauce, perfect grilled trout, raspberry and yogurt bavarois and passion fruit coulis.
    • Margaret admits that while Cuan proved himself a dab hand at mowing lawns, washing windows and doing little odd jobs last year, this year she doesn't ask him to do anything round the house.
    • Daughter of Joe and Margaret, Donna only recently took up the sport but immediately proved a dab hand at getting her shots on target.
    • The show was often very funny and Adams proved a dab hand at physical comedy.
    • Besides cutting hair and shaving men, he was a dab hand at sharpening old style cut throat razors, as well as scissor sharpening.