Translation of daddy in Spanish:


papi, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdædi/ /ˈdadi/

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informal, mainly child language
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    papi masculine informal
    (as form of address) papi informal
    the daddy of them all el decano
    • They're named after the daddy of them all, David Coleman, an English sports presenter.
    • Eddie is the daddy of the round-trip United fans - at the age of 90.
    • I am trying the daddy of all treatments - a Balinese synchronised massage.
    • The cardoon is surely the daddy of all seed heads.
    • The daddy of food presentation is probably top chef Richard Neat.
    • The daddy of all solar flares was spotted in November 2003, and ranked X28 on the magnitude scale.
    • The producers may well have committed the daddy of all errors by casting him as Indiana Jones.
    • He is not yet a household name, but the daddy of the Russian oligarchy can still turn heads.
    • The bad news for the rest of the Premiership is that the daddy of destroyers is destined to get meaner by the day.
    • The manufacturer, the daddy of this market, reckons it will pull in a billion dollars revenue this year.
    • The daddy of all football trips was the 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea.
    • This site is possibly the daddy of street art sites, and this is a great worldwide sticker site.
    • In the modern era of full-face crash hats Senna's helmet was the daddy of them all.
    • But when it comes to sales strengths, Glasgow is the daddy of them all.
    • Tennis, cricket, boxing and the daddy of them all, football, bring in huge sums.